The 4th International Green Energy Conference Organized by NCEPU

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On October 20th, the 4th International Green Energy Conference organized by NCEPU was held in Beijing Friendship Hotel. President of NCEPU Liu Jizhen, Vice-president of NCEPU Yang Yongping and other leaders attended the conference. Totally, more than 150 experts and scholars, from America, Canada, Korea, Bulgaria, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Sweden, Australia, Algeria, Italy and relevant authorities and universities of China, such as Renewable Energy Division of National Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, Shandong University, Xi´an Jiaotong University, Northeast Dianli University, etc, were present at the conference. And it is presided over by Vice-president of NCEPU Yang Yongping

    President of NCEPU Liu Jizhen delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He extended warm welocme to the guests present at the conference first, and then introduced the development history and running features of NCEPU and efforts made by NCEPU to adapt to the development trends of world energy

    Mr.Liu said, “in time of approaching 50th Anniversary of NCEPU and in the golden autumn, the 4th International Green Energy Conference is held in a beautiful city, Beijing, and on behalf of students and faculty in NCEPU, I extend the warmest welcome and sincere thanks to all the guests. In 2008, China faced many disasters and accidents, but meanwhile China was reaping success and hope, the Olympic Games successfully hosted in beijing, for example. Today, we are welcoming another new success, so let’s expect the 4th International Green Energy Conference can be as successful as the first three terms,.”

    Mr Liu also expressed that with the development of energy and power industry, NCEPU, established in 1958, took off during the boom of implementing reform and opening up policy and the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education. At present, NCEPU has become a polytechnic university focusing on engineering, a national key university with distinguishing characteristics incorporated into the “211 Project” under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in China, the high-level talents cultivation base for the development of energy and power industry and also a scientific research base.

    As the only national key university focusing on energy and power in China, NCEPU is watching closely the forefront of world energy and power research and meet the latest requirements of the development of power and energy industry in China. Concerning the increasingly heavy enviorenment pollution and energy consumption, NCEPU and relevant scientific research institutions are responsible for seeking the effective solution to these problems, which refers to the research and development of alternative sources. There is no doubt that the best way to solve these problems is the development of green and renewable energy sources with great efforts. In 2007, NCEPU established the first renewable energy school in China, in which NCEPU would cultivate the high-quality talents and form the high-level research and teaching teams in the field of renewable energy, though making specific development program of renewable energy and implementing relevant measures specificly and effectively. Thus, by communicating closely and cooperating with international counterparts, NCEPU will also improve the development of world renewable energy field rapidly.

    Mr. Liu said,“Today, we gather together to discuss the related problems of green energy, which will provide a favorable platform for the worldwide specialists and scholars in the field of green energy to communicate the latest research findings. I’m convinced that this conference will exert positive and far-reaching impact on the study of world energy and environment issues.” Finally, Mr. Liu wished the 4th International Green Energy Conference success and the guests at the conference would have a good time in Beijing.

    The 4th International Green Energy Conference will be closed on October 23rd,which has received almost 200 academic dissertations. Via the conference, the experts will extensively launch the discussion in many fields such as energy and environment, the application of new energy and the exploration of green energy.

    The International Green Energy Conference, first held in Canada in 2005, has been successfully held for there terms. By now, the conference has attracted the worldwide experts in the field of  green energy and relevant personnel to take part in it, which makes the conference become the exchange platform of latest research results. NCEPU has won the host right of the 4th International Green Energy Conference, which will absolutely promote further development of our university in the field of renewable energy sources and help our university step solidly on the road of constructing the discipline system of “Extensive Power”.

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