Prof. Ishikawa and Two Other Experts From Gunma University Visited Our University

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Prof. Ishikawa, Associate Prof. Takahashi and teaching assistant Hirose from Gunma University visited our university from March 23 to 27 at the invitation of Li Yongqian, Professor from Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. They made three academic lectures on March 24, 25 and 26, with the title of “Defect Measurement of Optical Disk Substrate by Mach-zehnder Interferometer” ,“Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (soa)-fiber Ring Laser for Sensor Application”,“Design and Simulation of Brushless dc Motor Driving System Using Matlab” and “Optical and Structural Properties in Silica Glass” respectively. During the lectures, the three experts introduced the achievements they had made in the specific fields and answered questions of faculties and students patiently and thoroughly.

    During their visit, Associate Prof. Takahashi and Dr. Hirose visited some laboratories in   Electronics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center  and the experimental facilities of “ Fiber-Optic Temperature Chains and Measuring Technique”, a project of our country’s 863-Program. Furthermore, they had a serious discussion on the key theories and techniques with members of the project team. They also highly praised our university for the accomplishment in teaching and scientific research.

    In addition, Prof. Ishiawa, Associate Prof. Takahashi and Dr. Hirose exchanged their ideas on our further academic exchanges with the relevant leaders of International Cooperation Department and Electronics and Communication Engineering Department and discussed the possibilities of cooperative research and exchange of visiting scholars and postgraduates with backbone young teachers of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department and Electrical Engineering Department. They expressed their willingness to make further efforts to carry out more profound academic exchange activities and cooperative research.

    Gunma University is a state-owned university with a long history and is a long-term partner of our university.


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