Seven Programs of NCEPU Won the 2007 Electric Power Technology Awards

Publishing time:2008-04-03    Viewer:

The 2007 China Electric Power Technology Award winners were officially approved by China Electric Power Technology Appraisal Committee, including seven programs of NCEPU

    The two award-winning programs with our school as the first contributor are: i. Third prize: Study on the Influence of GIS Substation Very Fast Transient Overvoltage on Power StationEquipments (Liang Guishu); ii. Third prize: Online Fault Diagnosing System of Inter- Turn Short-Circuit in Turbine Generator Rotor (Li Yonggang).

    The five award-winning programs with our school as the cooperative contributor are: i. Second prize: Research on electromagnetic environment of ±800kv DC     Transmission  Project(Cui Xiang); ii. Second prize: Research on Longitudinal Differential Protection of New Transmission Line Optical Fiber Based on Adaptive OCT (Yang Yihan); iii. Third prize: Safety Evaluation and Preventive Technology of Overhead Transmission Line at Mined-out Area (Gu Yujiong); iv. Third prize: Comparative Study on Real-time Power Grid Simulation and Practical Fault (Xiao Xiangning); v. Third prize: Study on Key Technique of 110 kV Power Transmission & Transformation of Qinghai-Tibet Railway Second Phase Project (Li Chengrong).

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