Two Projects Won “Social Science Excellent Achievements Award of Heibei Province”

Publishing time:2008-04-03    Viewer:

Recently, the “Social Science Excellent Achievements Award of Heibei Province” was released, including a first prize and a third prize for teachers from NCEPU.

    This biennial prize was approved by provincial party committee and government and open to the social science fund programs with fine results. As for this time, 3 first prizes, 9 second prizes and 16 third prizes were awarded to the most outstanding projects among over 100 projects evaluated. Teachers from our school did really well. “Research on Core Competitiveness Identification of Listed Companies in Hebei Province” written by Zhou Jianguo was awarded the first prize; and “A Pilot Study on Sustainable Economic Development and Circulating Economy in Hebei Province” composed by He Yonggui won the third prize.

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