China, Russia,Switzerland Nuclear Reactor Sever Accident Seminar Held in Our University

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In September 24 to 25, China, Russia, Switzerland Nuclear Reactor Sever Accident Seminar was held in the International Communication Center in our university; it was mainly hosted by Institution of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Beijing Key Laboratory for Passive Nuclear Power Safety Technique. KTH Nuclear Safety Research Institute director, Professor Sevostian Bechta, and Professor Lopukh Dmitrii from ETU was invited to present this seminar. In the aspect of China, more than 30 experts from Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, State Power Investment Cooperation Central Institution, CNPE, CNPSC and NCEPU were participated in this conference.

Dean of Institution of Nuclear Science Lu Daogang hosted the seminar. Professor Sevostian Bechta introduced their research progress on the Research and Development of Heavy Metal Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor, conducted by KTH nuclear safety institution; he also introduced their EU Server Accident Subject SAFEST and IVMR, and shared their research progress on Reactor Sever Accident in KTH, the design concept of VVER model reactor in preventing sever accident and so on. Professor Lopukh Dmitrii introduced the CCIM technology, which is still an ongoing project by ETU, and its application in nuclear industry. Professor Lu Daogang introduced the research progress by nuclear institution on Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor. Participants were also on a visit to the research facilities in Beijing Key Laboratory for Passive Nuclear Power Safety Technique. After two days of seminar, experts from China, Russia and Switzerland had some close discussions over reactor sever accident, and explored ways to further our cooperation.

                                                                                                      [Translator: Luo Canwen  Proof-reader: Zheng Rongying]

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