The 4th Session of IET Renewable Power Generation International Conference (RPG 2015) held in NCEPU

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From Otcober17th to Otcober18th, the 4th Session of IET Renewable Power Generation International Conference (RPG 2015) was held in NCEPU.

The conference was hosted by IET, undertaken by NCEPU, and supported by universities and associations at home and abroad. The paper review committee was constituted by more than 40 experts coming from more than 10 countries, joined by many RPG journal editors. RPG serial conferences have high influence in the industry and in the world wide, a third of whose representatives in the previous conferences were from overseas countries.



On the morning of October 17th, the opening ceremony of the conference was held in the multi-function hall, on the second floor of the NCEPU International Exchange Center. Professor Liu Jizhen, the president of NCEPU, professor Liu Yongqian, the Party committee secretary of the NCEPU Renewable Energy Institute, professor Bi Tianshu, the deputy executive director of the State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources(NCEPU), professor JuPing from Hohai University, professor Bikash Pal from Imperial College London, professor Yuan Xiaoming from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Ian Mercer, the international operation director of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and many other domestic experts , scholars and researchers in this field attended the opening ceremony.


At the conference, Professor Liu Jizhen made the first Keynote Speech, titled “Flexible Control of Coal-fired Power Units in Alternate Electrical Power System with Large-scale Renewable Power Generations”, in which, starting from the definition and the characteristics of the new energy power system and combining with the "rich coal, poor oil, less gas" power structure in China, he proposed that the elastic operation capacity of coal-fired thermal power units needed to be vigorously promoted and provided the solutions such as the intelligent optimization of coordination control, the condensed water throttling, the cooling working medium throttling, the throttling adjustment of the heat supplying and steam extracting to lay a foundation for the consumption of the large-scale and new energy power. Professor JuPing, professor Bikash Pal and professor Yuan Xiaoming then respectively made wonderful conference reports around the topics of the renewable energy generation and interconnection problems.


A series of theme reports and conference paper communication reports followed the opening ceremony and the conference reports. The passionate academic communication and the active discussion were witnessed at the conference. With the success of the conference, a communication platform was supplied to the experts and scholars at home and abroad engaged in the field of renewable energy research and the international influence of our university in this field was also promoted, both of which play an active role in the development of the related disciplines such as the energy, environment and electric of our university.

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