The Party Secretary of North China Electricity Power University, Wu Zhigong Met with the President of the Athletics South Africa (ASA)

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On December the 22nd, 2015, the Party Secretary of NCEPU, Wu Zhigong met with the president, Thandisenzo Aleck, the vice-president, Jacob Herold and others of the Athletics South Africa (ASA). The heads of the Physical Education Department, the International Education Institute and other relevant departments of NCEPU attended the meeting.

Thandisenzo Aleck, Jacob Herold and others of the ASA first visited our university's sports infrastructures, and then came to the International Education Institute to know more about the living and learning of the international students, communicating with the dean, Li Qingmin for further insight into the training mode of the international students and its development trend.

Wu Zhigong talked with Thandisenzo Aleck and Jacob Herold. Wu Zhigong pointed out that the cultivation of the international students and the introduction of the talents in track-and-field sports and other sports from the international students have greatly helped to establish a broad cooperation in the sports and physical fields between NCEPU and ASA, and to explore the university development and innovation mode under the background of the higher-education internationalization that can be led by the sports and to explore a new road that is the combination of the talent training of the energy power engineer, the quality education of the international students in competitive sports and China’s electric power aid to Africa’s development.

                                                                                            [Translator: Xie Lingyun  Proof-reader: Ma Tiechuan]

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