A delegation led by the Czech vice minister of education youth, and sports visited NCEPU

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On the morning of October 13, a four-person delegation led by Dana Prudikova—the Czech Republic vice minister of education, youth, and sports visited NCEPU and delivered a speech for the university teachers and students. The delegation had just attended the China-EU Education Ministers Conference and the 4th China-CEEC Education Policy Dialogue in China. NCEPU secretary of the Communist Party Committee Wu Zhigong and vice president Yang Yongping received the delegation.

The delegation members also included Radka Vildova—the vice president of Charles University in Prague and Dr. Makin—the second secretary of the Political Office in Embassy of the Czech Republic in China, and an accompanying staff.

NCEPU put a new premium on international development, Wu Zhigong stated in the meeting. Currently, NCEPU has carried out exchanges and cooperation with over 120 international universities and research institutions in more than 40 countries and regions, Central and Eastern Europe included, and enjoyed an increasing internationalization. With the strategic opportunities brought by the “Belt and Road” Initiative, he hoped NCEPU could strengthen exchanges with Czech universities in sectors such as energy and power to establish cooperation platform, expand collaborative fields, and enhance the cooperative level. 

During the meeting, Miss Dana Prudikova expressed that in recent years China and the Czech Republic deepened cooperation in international student exchange, mutual recognition of degree and educational background, as well as higher and secondary education, all of which bore remarkable results, including the agreement on mutual recognition of degree and educational background signed not long ago. During the signing conference, the education ministers of the two countries noted that in-depth and extensive exchanges and cooperation would be further enhanced between Chinese universities including NCEPU and the Czech republic universities, in the hope that universities of the two sides further deepen and expand exchanges and cooperation in fields of education, youth and sports with the good bilateral relations. Czech education minister invited Chinese university leaders to visit the Czech Republic sometime. Dana Prudikova hoped the agreement could vigorously promote exchanges in higher education between the two countries. She also extended welcome to NCEPU students to study in the Czech Republic who can serve as the impetus of education cooperation and cultural exchanges.

During the meeting, Czech students studying in NCEPU presented their local conditions and customs. They also introduced Czech universities and shared their college life. NCEPU students communicated with Dana Prudikova on topics, among others, requirements for studying in the Czech Republic and how to plan college life.

NCEPU conducts academic communication and student exchange with many Czech universities in electrical engineering, renewable energy, and business administration. Over the past two years, at least 48 Czech students came to NCEPU for study. In the spring semester of 2016, NCEPU dispatched five undergraduate students from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to exchange in the Czech Technical University. Now they have already graduated. 


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