NCEPU’s MOOC--“Management Communication”going to the Stanford

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Invited by the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS), Zhao Erdong, an outstanding MOOC teacher of Chinese Universities and a speaker of national excellent video open courses, gave a report titled “The Opportunities of MOOC Development of China’s Universities in this Era and Interpretation of Typical Online Open Courses Case” at Stanford on 10th February.

In his report, Zhao systematically introduced the history of MOOC in China and abroad, and intensively set forth China’s related policies of education informatization and the requirements for talents cultivation in higher education institutions of our times. He also illustrated the development of MOOC in Chinese universities, and compared the development of his own MOOC “Management Communication” in English on the international platform edX with that of its original.

Wang Xiuxiao, a teacher of the minister of Chinese Scholars at Stanford concluded that “In their former forums for Chinese visiting scholars, there were few participants because the scholars were from different professional fields, while professor Zhao’s academic report attracted many teachers from various fields including medicine, ecology, gene study, economics, philosophy, sociology, which fully demonstrated that MOOC was a hot topic concerned by scholars at home and overseas.” Zhang Zongxin, a professor of Fudan University said “It is arduous to make MOOC, but professor Zhao encouraged and benefited us a lot by sharing his important opinions.”


                                                                                            [Translator:  Wang Rujia Proof-reader: Wu Jiaping]

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