NCEPU Held the 2015 Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony

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On June 26 and 27, our school respectively held the 2015 graduation and degree awarding ceremony in Beijing campus and Baoding branch campus.

The school leaders, Wu Zhigong, Liu Jizhen, Li Shuangcheng, Yang Yongping, Sun Zhongquan, Sun Pingsheng and Wang Zengping, the ambassador of Comorin to China, Mohammed·M·Aboud, the Republic of South Sudan's special ambassador, Michael Migliore Hussein, the member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party, Zhang Tianxing, the principal assistants, Mi Zengqiang, Lu Fangcheng, Guo Xiaofeng and Wang Qinghua, the leaders of the related functional departments and faculties and all the 2015 school graduates attended the ceremony.

At the graduation ceremony, the school leader read out the list of outstanding graduates and graduates who voluntarily serve in the western regions, the graduates’ representative and the students’ representative gave speeches, and the principal Liu Jizhen made an important talk.

After the graduation ceremony, the 2015 graduates’ degree awarding ceremony was held in the auditorium grandly. The chairman of the school’s academic degree evaluation committee read out the list of graduates honored with degrees and then the head of each department’s academic degree evaluation committee conferred the bachelor’s degree to each student. About 5 graduates received the engineering doctoral degree, 12 overseas students received the engineering master's degree, 111 graduates received the economic bachelor's degree, 113 graduates received the bachelor's degree in law, 149 graduates received the bachelor’s degree of arts, 154 graduates received the bachelor’s degree of science, 3881 graduates received the bachelor's degree in engineering and 710 graduates received the bachelor's degree in management.

The 2015 graduates walked onto the rostrum in turn and accepted the blessings of the school leaders and teachers.

                                                                [Translator: Wang Yousong  Proof-reader: Ma Tiechuan]

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