NCEPU held Opening Ceremony for Freshmen of 2016 and Commendation Ceremony for Teaching Staff on the Occasion of Teachers’ Day 2016

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On September 9 and 10, Opening Ceremony for Freshmen of 2016 and Commendation Ceremony for Teaching Staff on the Occasion of Teachers’ Day was respectively held on the Beijing Campus and Baoding Campus of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU). The school leaders, Wu Zhigong, Liu Jizhen, He Hua, Zhang Jinhui, An Liansuo, Li Shuangchen, Hao Yingjie, Yang Yongping, Sun Pingsheng, Sun Zhongquan, and Wang Zengping, attended the ceremony. Also present were members of Standing Committee of Party Committee, principal assistants of the university, heads of administrative offices, colleges or departments concerned, as well as teacher representatives and all freshmen of 2016.

The ceremony was co-chaired by Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Hao Yingjie and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Zhang Jinhui.

During the ceremony, relevant staff read the decisions to commend the collectives and individuals who gained rewards of provincial and ministerial or higher level, the teachers who obtained teaching excellence awards, the teaching and administrative staff who had engaged in educational work for no more than 30 years, Outstanding Head Teachers and Excellent Head Teachers in Beijing Campus, as well as the freshmen who won prizes for top examination scores and graduate students of 2016 who obtained the first-grade scholarship.

Participating leaders awarded Certificate of Honor for prize-winner representatives.

President of NCEPU Liu Jizhen delivered a keynote speech. On behalf of the university, he extended a warm welcome to the 5,550 undergraduates, 2,532 graduates, and 292 overseas students from 48 countries in 2016. He also showed high respects and season’s greetings to the faculty and staff who worked industriously in teaching, scientific research, and management service. With high expectations to the new students. Liu expressed wishes that they grow up in an all-around way and amount to something so that they can take on more responsibility and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.




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