NCEPU Held A Unveiling Ceremony for “Birthplace of China’s First Microcomputer Relay Protection”

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On December 15, Baoding campus of NCEPU held a grand unveiling ceremony for “Birthplace of China’s First Microcomputer Relay Protection”. The leaders and guests attending the ceremony were: Wu Zhigong, Party Secretary of NCEPU, Yang Yongping, President of NCEPU, Yang Qixun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Jizheng, Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, leaders of NCEPU including He Hua, Li Shuangchen, Hao Yingjie, Sun Zhongquan, Wang Qinghua, Guo Xiaofeng, and Tan Qinliang, and Mi Zengqiang, Assistant of the President, Gao Xiuhuan, Chairman of Sifang Electric Group, Zhang Tao, President of Beijing Sifang Automation Company. The ceremony was presided by the deputy party secretary Guo Xiaofeng.

The unveiling ceremony for “Birthplace of China’s First Microcomputer Relay Protection” is of great significance. The first microcomputer relay protection has opened a new era for China’s microcomputer relay protection, and made an invaluable contribution to the safe and stable operation of power system. And precisely thanks to the birth of China’s first microcomputer relay protection, NCEPU has become a leader in China’s computer relay protection, and witnessed Yang Qixun became NCEPU’s first academician, and also one of the first academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, paving the way for the brilliant development of NCEPU’s Electrical Engineering major. The birth of the first microcomputer relay protection is of landmark significance for NCEPU and the unveiling ceremony will surely be included in the development annuals of NCEPU.


                                     [Translator:  Yang Shuqing Proof-reader: Li Haiyan]

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