2008 Seminar of Real-time Digital Simulation Technologies for Power System Held in NCEPU

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On October 18th, 2008 Seminar of Real-Time Digital Simulation Technologies for Power System was held in NCEPU International Communication Center at 9:00 am.. Li Chengrong, Vice-president of NCEPU, Li Dianwen, director of CEC (China Electricity Council) Education Department, Yang Qixun, and academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering etc. attended the seminar. Meanwhile, about 40 representatives from 20 universities and enterprises, including Zhejiang University, South China University of Science and Technology, technical center of China Southern Power Grid, W&E of Canada, were attracted to the seminar.

    On behalf of NCEPU,Mr. Li expressed faithful appreciation and warm welcome to all the participants and briefly introduced the history and the current situation of NCEPU. He said that NCEPU is a national key university incorporated into the “211 Project” which was co-built by MOE (Ministry of Education) and university council composing of seven key power companies. As the only university focusing on power in China, NCEPU has been paying close attention to the frontier of international power research. This seminar will surely promote our research of power system security and dynamic security supervision aspects and push our country to the frontier of RDST (real-time digital simulation technologies) application area. Finally, he wished every success of this seminar.

    After Mr. Li’s opening speech, Li Dianwen talked about the crucial role of Real-Time Digital Simulation Technologies playing in power security and steady operation and Mr. Kuffel from Canada analyzed the issues existing in power industry and made a brief introduction of the application of RDST (real-time digital simulation technologies) in China. Other representatives also introduced their achievements in this area.

    As the sponsor of this seminar, MOE (Ministry of Education) key lab of power system protection and dynamic security supervision of NCEPU gained key subprojects supported by National Technical Department, 973 subprojects and many other key technical projects and has won National and Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology many times. Through continuous improvement and a wide range of exchange, the lad has developed into a large scale power technical research field with complete equipment. At present, it has taken the lead to apply real-time digital simulation technologies and has made impact in this area.

    This seminar will last two days, all the representatives will make in-depth discussions and communications on the development and application of real-time digital simulation technologies.

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