Delegation of Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan Attended Communication Conference of Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Safety in NCEPU

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On the afternoon of March 19th, the delegation of nuclear engineering and safety experts, led by MEXT expert Ishigure, paid an official goodwill visit to NCEPU and attended the Communication Conference of Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Safety co-sponsored by International Cooperation Department and Nuclear Science and Engineering School of NCEPU. The conference was held in International Communication Center and hosted by Prof. Lu Daogang, the dean of Nuclear Science and Engineering School. Postgraduate students and undergraduate students from this school and researchers from China Datang Corporation and Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering participated the conference.

    The delegation consisted of 8 senior experts from Japan: Saito, ex-director of Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Prof. Ishigure, expert of nuclear power hydrochemistry from the University of Tokyo, Mr. Tanabe ,nuclear safety expert of Toshiba Corporation, Prof. Yamaguchi, fast reactor expert from Osaka University, Takeda, ex-director of Japan Atomic Power Company, Mr. Fujishiron, expert from Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan, who have studied nuclear emergency management and nuclear safety for years and Prof. Iwata ,expert of nuclear materials from the University of Tokyo. The experts delivered speeches on nuclear materials, nuclear physics, nuclear safety, nuclear thermohydraulics, nuclear waste disposal and the future of nuclear power respectively. The on-the-spot atmosphere was so warm that the members participated in discussion enthusiastically and the audience broke into warm applause now and then.

    The visit of Japanese nuclear experts was of great importance to the non-governmental goodwill exchange between China and Japan, the propaganda of basic nuclear knowledge, nuclear safety culture. It was also of great significance to China’s deep understanding of Japanese nuclear techniques and safety, expansion of the horizon of students and teachers of NCEPU and the cooperation between NCEPU and Japanese universities and enterprises. Both students and teachers felt they were well benefited and hoped that more forums of this lever would be held in the future .Through platforms of forums, they could further their understanding of international advanced research development and learn more from foreign experts.

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