The 2015 Planning and Development Seminar on Brazil’s Power EHV Technology

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On September 9, the 2015 planning and development 21-days seminar on Brazil’s power EHV technology which was sponsored by MOFCOM and hosted by our school opened in Baoding campus. The director of the international cooperation economic and commercial counsellor’s office in state grid corporation, Wang Wenan, the vice principal of our school, Wang Zengping, the relevant department leaders and 19 power officials and technical experts from Brazil attended the opening ceremony.

This seminar was one of the important foreign aid human resource development projects of our school, a significant measure for strengthening communication and enhancing friendship between China and Brazil, and a good opportunity to communicate the power technology and improve the level of science and technology of the two countries. As the key university directly affiliated to the ministry of education with energy and power characteristics and as the national “211 project” and “985 engineering advantage discipline innovation platform” key construction university, the NCEPU always focuses on the forefront of international power and scientific development, has made a positive construction in supporting China's energy and power industry development, and has prepared a large number of senior technical experts and management personnel for Chinese electric power industry, is known as "the cradle of Chinese electrical engineer”.


Focusing on the planning and development of EHV technology, this seminar will processed through theoretical study and production practice, make every students go to the scene of the electric power production, get the experience and understand the situation and features of EHV technology development in China. To undertake this training seminar, our school will carefully make the study plan in strict accordance with the spirit and documentation requirements of the ministry of commerce, reasonably arrange the training courses and do the meticulous preparation in various aspects.


                                                                          [Translator: Wang Yousong  Proof-reader: Ma Tiechuan]

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