Secretary Wu Zhigong Attended the Bolashak Annual Meeting of International Program in Kazakhstan

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From October 15 to 16, 2015, at the invitation of Gani Nygymetov, the president of Bolashak International Program Center JSC from Kazakhstan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the delegation of three from our university had eaken part in Bolashak 2015 Annual Meeting of International Program and Education Fair, Dr. Wu Zhigong, the Party Secretary of NCEPU is the leader of the delegation, and they also visited International Program Center and Kazakhstan State Grid cooperation.

In the morning of October 10, Dr. Wu Zhigong met with Gani Nygymetov, the president of Bolashak International Program Center JSC, at the press conference for Bolashak 2015 Annual Meeting of International Program held by Kazakhstan media group. Dr. Wu shared the experiences of Chinese higher engineering education and the successful experiences of NCEPU with all the participators. He pointed out that the most remarkable characteristics of the contemporary engineering education are focuses on the practicability, its closeness to industry and innovation, which is also its most remarkable characteristic; it is of great force for the economic and social development, technical advancement and innovation of a country. In terms of scientific experience, Dr. Wu Zhigong indicated that NCEPU, characterized by energy power education, gives priority to engineering discipline.. Until recent years, the scientific research work had achieved spectacular progresses and also accumulated precious experiences. He shared those experiences in the following respect: state-level platform constriction, the declaration and execution of scientific research with international and national importance, the cultivation of young research scholars, research incentive mechanism, efficiency of scientific research work competent department and so on.

In the afternoon of October 15, Dr. Wu Zhigong met with President Gani Nygymetov and directors from related department in Bolashak International Program Center JSC. President Gani Nygymetov expressed his warm welcome to the visiting of NCEPU delegation, and introduced the statues of Bolashak international Program over the past twenty years. He noted particularly that Bolashak international Program needs to built partnership with more professional universities such as NCEPU. In recent years, Kazakhstan developed a strong needs for new energy construction and technology.It brings a favorable opportunity for Bolashak international Program to cooperate with NCEPU. On beharf  of NCEPU, Dr. Wu Zhigong -expressed his -appreciation to Bolashak International Program Center JSC for inviting NCEPU, –and introduced our university’s construction and performance over energy electric subject. He also expressed NCEPU’s willingness to advance the establishment of high-level engineering education partnership between these two countries. After the meeting, Dr. Wu Zhigong and Gani Nygymetov signed the Cooperation Agreement on behalf of both sides.

In the morning of October 16, Dr. Wu Zhigong presented the opening ceremony of Bolashak 2015 Annual Meeting of International Program and delivered a keynote speech.,He expressed NCEPU’s willingness to cooperate with Bolashak International Program and Kazakhstan University in the field of energy power aspect, especially in new energy field. During the conference, Dr. Wu Zhigong met with Kazakhstan Secretary of State Abdiksliova Gulshara and Sarinazhipov Aslan Bakenovich, the Minster of Education, Science and Technology Department. Secretary of State Abdiksliova Gulshara and Minster Sarinazhipov Aslan Bakenovich were invited to visit NCEPU’s booth, and given an- brief introduction of NCEPU.

In the afternoon of October 16, the delegation a visited Kazakhstan State Grid cooperation, and met with Aibek T. Bottabekov, the principle of HR, MNRE and other departments, in charge of economic management. In the meeting, they discussed matters concerned personnel training, technical cooperation and so on.

Our university’s delegation finished their tasks successfully by visiting all the institutions in Kazakhstan, and also gained positive achievements. Kazakhstan Bolashak International Program Center JSC confirmed our strength in energy power subject, and defined our university as one of the global target schools. This visit is a specific move by our university to take part in the country’s One Belt and One Road strategy implementation, it will provide education, science and technology and talents support to the energy power cooperation between China and Kazakhstan.

                                                                                    [Translator: Luo Canwen  Proof-reader: Zheng Rongying]

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