Senior Researcher Dennis Lu from Canada Energy Research Center Visited Our University

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On October 13 to 17, Dennis Lu, senior researcher from Canada Energy Research Center paid an academic visit to Baoding campus. Dennis Lu has more than 30 years’ advanced fuel combustion and gasification research experiences, he also posses very high attainments especially in clean fossil fuels, clean energy generation and carbon capture field.

October 14, Dennis Lu visited the related labs of Power Engineering Department, and carried out academic exchanges with the Research Group led by Yan Weiping and some young teachers from Power Engineering Department. Both sides intended to conduct joint research in the field of pressurized oxyfuel combustion, high temperature solid particle reaction chain and so on, and also planed to exchange researchers. In the afternoon, while hosted by Xie Yingbo, deputy director of Power Engineering Department, an academic report "CCUS-The Biggest Chemistry Challenge of Today" was given by Dennis Lu in room 206 of teaching building No. 4. It analyzed the development status and existing problems of CO2 capture technology. More than 70 people have listened to the lecture, including director of Power Engineering Department, Professor Han Zhonghe, Professor Yan Weiping and other teachers and students.

October 15, Dennis Lu went on to give another academic report: "CanmetENERGY-An Energy Research Center in Canada" in room 206 of teaching building No. 4. Described the Canadian Energy Research Center, explained the research statues of clean fossil energy and clean energy generation.

Researcher Dennis Lu's visit promoted the in-depth cooperation of Canadian Energy Research Centre and Power Engineering Department in the aspect of advanced combustion. It is of great significance to accelerating the research in this field in our university.

                                                                                         [Translator: Luo Canwen  Proof-reader: Zheng Rongying]


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