An Achievement in Scientific Research of North China Electric Power University Has Been Authorized by the United States International Patent Office

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Recently, a piece of good news came from the State Intellectual Property Office that the patent of invention of the “Internal Liquid Separating Hood Type Condensation Heat Exchange Tube (PCT patent number: PCT/CN2012/00274, the United States patent number: 13/984,659)" applied by the associate professor, Chen hongxia, and the professor, Xu jinliang from the School of Energy Power and Mechanical Engineering, NCEPU,  has been officially authorized by the United States International Patent Office. In 2012 and through the international PCT application, this invention received the  retrieval report of the “novelty, creativity and industrial practicality” from China International Patent Office, and then applied for the entry into the United States in 2013 and has been officially authorized recently (priority of July 2011), which is the independent achievement in scientific research completely based on the platform of our university(NCEPU), with a fully independent intellectual property right.

This patent of invention belongs to the field of the heat transfer enhancement technology, which is based on the cognition and research about the basic physical process of condensation and the essence of the phase-change heat transfer, putting forward a new kind of efficient condensation heat exchange tube whose structure can allow the artificial partition within it to flow the heat exchange liquid in the center area of the tube and then to reassign the phase-changing gas phase to the annular space that is close to the heat exchange wall, thus ensuring the heat exchange of thin liquid film along the tube length, significantly improving the condensation heat transfer coefficient and fundamentally solving the technical problems of the heat transfer deterioration caused by the thick liquid film formed along the tube length in the condensation heat transfer. And the gas-liquid separation within this new kind of heat exchange tube is not affected by the gravity, which can significantly improve the condensation heat transfer coefficient both on the ground and under the low-gravity environment.


This patent is part of the “Basic Research of the Deep Utilization of the Waste Heat from the Low-temperature Boiler Smoke and Gas “, a 973 Project by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. After applying for the patent, the research group led by professor, Xu jinliang carried out the systematic mechanism study and basically proved the heat transfer enhancement mechanism of the new invention, contributing to the development of the multi-scale heat transfer from the micro to the macro and catching the attention of the international academic circles. Currently, the research group led by professor, Xu jinliang is active in promoting the research and manufacture of the prototype and the industrialization promotion work, trying to complete the whole chain research work from the invention to the basic research and then to the application.


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