The China Europe Renewable Energy Innovation Center of NCEPU Has Been Officially Launched

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On November 16th, the opening ceremony of the China Europe Renewable Energy Innovation Center of NCEPU was held in our university. The president, Liu jizhen, the vice president, Yang yongping, the secretary-general of China Scholarship Council, Liu Jinghui, the director of the Exit and Entry Service of the Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipality, Zhang wenshuang, the director of the International Cooperation Department of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Pan fangfang, the chairman of the Netzwerk Hessen-China, Alfred Schmidt, together with 17 representatives of the Netzwerk Hessen-China, and the heads of the relevant departments of NCEPU attended the opening ceremony.

The vice president Yang yongping also held the first advisory committee meeting of the China Europe Renewable Energy Innovation Center of NCEPU. The vice president, Yang yongping and the chairman, Alfred Schmidt successively addressed a speech and then the negotiators of both sides agreed to sign the articles of the China Europe Renewable Energy Innovation Center of NCEPU, and determined the member list of the advisory committee and the secretariat of the innovation center. The advisory committee discussed about the development plan of the innovation center in the future and deployed the next year's work, putting forward that both sides would commit to setting up a Sino-German institute of innovation to carry out the multi-level cooperation projects in the undergraduate, master and doctoral education; that the Cooperation partnership would be developed to encourage the academic exchanges between NCEPU and its German partners; that in virtue of the platform of the NCEPU council, the high-level scientific research cooperation and the university-enterprise cooperation would be conducted with the high-level multilateral cooperation between NCEPU and the German universities, research institutes and enterprises. 


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