Representatives from Cardiff University Visit NCEPU

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On April 7th,2016, Nora De Leeuw,the vice-president, Richard Cotton, head of International Cooperation Office and Yang Di, the director of China area office from Cardiff University visit North China Electric Power University (NCEPU). Yang Yongping, the vice-president of NCEPU, meets with them, along with Duan Chunming and Li Yang, heads of International Cooperation Office and the Party Secretary of the Institute of International Education.

Yang Yongping says the partnership between Cardiff University and North China Electric Power University has been established for ten years and the joint schools have trained more than fifty excellent students, ten of them have received doctor's degree and some of them are pursuing further study at Oxford University, university of Cambridge and Imperial College. Nora De Leeuw says, Cardiff university attaches great importance to scientific research, especially in the field of engineering. With years’ development, Cardiff University has ranked fifth in the list of all the scientific research in the United Kingdom. He hopes that the cooperation in the areas of scientific research can be strengthened in the future.

Duan Chunming says that he hopes the strategic partnership with the Southwest Five School Union, including Cardiff University to be established and strengthen the cooperation in student cultivation, especially doctoral students.


                                                                          [Translator:  Song Tao  Proof-reader: Zhao Yushan]

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