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        Over the past five decades, NCEPU has fostered about seventy thousand graduates, many of whom have achieved great success in power industry and economic construction. As the pride of NCEPU, some alumni have become the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, winners of the National Scientific Achievement Award, senior officials and outstanding enterprisers in power Industry, and winners of the title “National Working Model”.



        As a result of the importance attached to alumni affairs in recent years, the general alumni association and more than 30 branch alumni associations were founded, forming a friendship bridge between alumni and alma mater. Many alumni express their gratitude to NCEPU in different ways such as offering ideas, serving as a link to enterprises and providing financial support.

        In the inaugural meeting of the NCEPU Alumni General Association convened on November 2, 2003, the Charter of the NCEPU Alumni General Association was approved and the members of first board of directors were elected. The NCEPU Alumni General Association was announced established. The Alumni General Association will coordinate and guide the establishment of the branches in regions in a planned way, and enhance the guidance and communications with the alumni associations which have already been established; strengthen the construction of the website for the NCEPU Alumni General Association so as to offer a favorable online communication space for the alumni; start the magazine “the NCEPU Alumni”; reinforce its service function as a media among industry, education and research, and assist the tasks of enrollment publicity, academic communication and personnel recruitment in order to serve the development of NCEPU. The Association is a nationwide non-profit-making united organization spontaneously instituted by the NCEPU alumni the purpose of which is to enhance the relationships between the alumni domestic and abroad, the alumni and the school, the serving places of the alumni and the NCEPU; to enhance the scientific and technological cooperation and promote the personnel cultivation; to develop the NCEPU’s positive convention of consolidation, diligence, factualism and innovation, and contribute to the prosperity of the Chinese people and the development of the university.



        The NCEPU Alumni General Association set an office for its daily routine tasks.

        Address: Alumni Association Office Mailbox 5North China Electric Power University

        619 Yonghua North Street, Baoding City, HebeiProvince PR China

        Postcode: 071003

        Contact Person: Mr. Liu

        Tel: 0312-7522194

         Fax: 0312-5028483


Branch Alumni Association

    Beijing Alumni Association 

    Hubei Alumni Association 

    YunnanAlumni Association

    TangshanAlumni Association

    Chengde Alumni Association

    HainanAlumni Association

   HeilongjiangAlumni Association

   ShandongAlumni Association

   FujianAlumni Association

   TianjinAlumni Association

   GuizhouAlumni Association

   GuangdongAlumni Association

    HandanAlumni Association

   JilinAlumni Association

    Shanghai Alumni Association

    JiangsuAlumni Association

    Cangzhou Alumni Association

    Xingtai Alumni Association

    CanadaAlumni Association

    AnhuiAlumni Association

    LiaoningAlumni Association

    He’nanAlumni Association

    GansuAlumni Association

    JiangxiAlumni Association

    SichuanAlumni Association

    Langfang Alumni Association

    ShanxiAlumni Association

    Guangxi Alumni Association

    ZhejiangAlumni Association

    Zhangjiakou Alumni Association

    Hunan Alumni Association

    Inner Mongolia Association

    Ningxia Alumni Association

    Qinghai Alumni Association

    Baoding Alumni Association

    Chongqing Alumni Association

    Hengshui Alumni Association

    Shijiazhuang Alumni Association

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