Medical Care

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        North China Electric Power University Hospital was founded to protect the health of students and staff members, to meet the basic needs like medical care, public health, preventive care of the teachers and students with the actual situation of our university. It is also founded under the permit of the Education, Health Management Department, medical and health laws and regulations. In June 2000, it was rated as first level (A-level) hospital by the Ministry of Health; in August 2002, the North China Electric Power University and Beijing Agricultural College built the school hospital together. Now the joint school Hospital service for nearly 20,000 teachers and students.

        Introduction about working hours and sections on configuration:

        The hospital opens 24 hours for emergency patients within the community

        Outpatient Time: Monday to Friday (except Wednesday afternoon)

        Morning: 8:00-11: 45

        Afternoon: 1:30-4: 20


        Emergency Time:we have medical staff all the time in shifts for emergency patients in every Wednesday afternoon during study period (vocational study), two rest days, holidays and out-patient time.

        [Clinical departments]

       1. General out-patient: 24 hours open to patients, making the correct diagnosis and treatment to the common diseases, making a preliminary diagnosis and life-sustaining treatment of acute risk patients, and timely safety referral.

        2. Medicine:

        3. Surgical

        4. Gynecology staff

        5. Dentistry:

        6. ENT

        7. Ophthalmology

        [Nursing department]

        Nursing implements a 24-hour shift system. Taking part in emergency rescue work and nursing work of out-patient.

        [Auxiliary sections]

       1. Preventive health care:

       2. Pharmacies (Pharmacy)

       3. Laboratory

       4. Diagnostic radiology Section:

       5. Ultrasonic diagnosis Room:

       6. Electrocardiogram (conventional and 24-hour Holter monitoring) diagnosis Room:

       7. physiotherapy, acupuncture

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