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       Network and Information Center was founded in October 1999, and it is the teaching supporting units of North China Electric Power University. There are 17 formal staff of the centre, and another several external hired staff. At present, of the staff, 7 have Senior Title, one is PhD, and two have a master degree. Under the centre, there are the network operation management office, network information management office, electricity teaching room, computer room. Our main task is to provide corresponding technical support for school information construction and management. Our purpose is to provide satisfactory services to school teaching, research management and other areas. Our campus network is Gigabit backbone network. Fiber connects 28 buildings; 100M connects to the desktop; gigabit network links Educational Research Network; and 30 trillion connects Netcom. Baoding campus network is linked together through the green line realizing the reunification of the two Campus Network Offices and sharing of the Library electronic resource. There are totally more than 4800 information points, and over 7,000 units networking computers of campus network. Building 4, Building5, as well as dormitory of graduate students (4 # 5 # 6 #) use 802.1x authentication methods to log on, and some buildings opened wireless networks. Campus Network provides DNS, Mail, WWW, FTP, network anti-virus, centralized campus servers hosted services. The center provides three levels of information services for teachers and students.

       First, entrance authentication services when users visit school information outside school, and providing the comprehensive information service system (that is, the inner network); second, the specific content of their information services. It includes: Personal information searching, phone number searching, downloading electronic classroom, and other specific information services and integrated information services such as One Card; Third, the information infrastructure services. It includes: unified basic coding and related work, data centre building about integration and service of systematic underlying data and the network storage systems about centralized storage of important date.

       Now, our university owns 71 multimedia classroom, distributing in Building 1,3,4,5. There are about 13000 seats of the classroom for students, and the average classes are more than 30,000 hours per semester .the 36 new built multimedia classrooms in teaching building 4 and 5 adopt campus network-based equipment management system, conduct remote monitoring and management to classroom equipment, to upload the teaching Courseware content Synchronous to the campus network through dual-mode video streaming and realize real-time monitoring, storage, recording and watching of the teaching content. The computer room commits basic computer teaching task of all departments and ministries, supplies the extra-curricular open of the computer room. New built computer teaching practice base totally has 9 rooms, 1 notebook on-line area, over 600 computers. It can provide an average of 300,000 hours of practical operational teaching per semester.

       As one of the three biggest practice teaching base of our university, the computer practice teaching base is a key construction project. There are good environment, advanced facilities, and it is convenient to use computer. It a good place for students to learn on the Internet.


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