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  North China Electric Power University School of Economics and Management (NCEPU SEM) has a long history, which was originated from the Department of Power Economics and Enterprise Organization of Harbin Institute of Technology founded in 1954. The whole program was transferred into North China Electric Power University in 1961.By merging the Department of Management Engineering, Department of Economics and Department of Electric Economics, School of Business Administration was established in 1997 and changed as School of Economics and Management in2009.


  With over 50 years of rapid development, now college has established an institute headquarters in Beijing and in Baoding campus has a department, the department of economic management. Currently, there are 203 teaching and administrative staff (68 people in Baoding),including 177 faculty members(58 people in Baoding),29 Ph.D. candidate supervisor(3 people in Baoding),40 professors(13 people in Baoding) and 78 associate professors(16 people in Baoding).Besides, teachers with a doctorate degree accounted for 74%, there are 4 experimental and technical personnel (including 1 people), the party and government and the management of 23 people (including 10 in Baoding).And college has 5 people to enjoy the government subsidy. Economics and Management school has informed a first-class teaching & research team with “Changjiang Scholar”, national candidate of "Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand",National excellent Teachers and "New Century excellent Talent" of Ministry of Education as the core of the team.

  School of Economics and Management has 2 post-doctoral research stations of Business Management and Management Science. Business Management and Management Science & Engineering are doctoral programs of first-level discipline. Under Business Management doctoral program, there are 4 doctoral programs of second-level discipline established, namely, Technology Economics & Management, Enterprise Management, Accounting and Energy Management. Under Management Science & Engineering doctoral program, there are 3 doctoral programs of second-level discipline established, namely, Management Science & Engineering, Engineering & Project Management and Information Management Engineering. The school has Technology Economics & Management, Management Science & Engineering, Enterprise Management, Accounting, Quantitative Economics, Industrial Economics, "Finance" and "Statistics" 8 academic graduate master's degree authorization programs. There are "Accounting" master's professional degree authorization point, "Asset Evaluation" master's professional degree authorization point, "Engineering Management" master professional degree authorization point and MBA master professional degree authorization point. There are "Project Management", "Industrial Engineering", "Logistics Engineering" 3 professional fields of Engineering Master's degree authorization point, and has IPMP international qualification certification. The Undergraduate Program of NCEPU School of Economics and Management provides 14 majors, that is, Project Management, Project Cost, Information Management, E-Commerce, Logistics Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Business Management, Accounting, Financial Management, Labor and Social Security & Human Resources Management.

  There are "Technology Economy & Management", "Management Science & Engineering 2 Provincial Key Disciplines, "Business Management", "Project Management"2 National Specialty,2 Provincial Specialty, "Project Management"1 National Teaching Team, 2 Beijing Municipal Teaching Team, 3 National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Class,7 Provincial Excellent Courses,1 National Virtual Experiment Center, 1 Beijing Municipal Experimental Teaching Model Center.

  In the recent 3 years, NCEPU School of Economics and Management has ranked in the first class by its reputation on winning more than 60 projects supported by the National and Provincial (Ministerial) governments such as the National Natural Science Fund and the National Social Science Fund and more than 340 supported by enterprises, totaling RMB 150 million Yuan, which is the top among the economics &management school in other universities in China.

  School of Economics and Management has a total enrollment of 6,800 students, among which 3,100 undergraduate students, 2,000 graduate students and 1,700 continuing education students. The school emphasizes on the quality of educating, aiming to equip students not only with professional competency and superior analytical skills, but also independent thinking, excellent communication skills and innovation spirit.

  Over decades of years, School of Economics and Management shoulders great responsibility of educating high-level talents for national electric power industry and the society. By training electric professional managers and technicians such as construction engineer, chief   supervisory engineer, project manager, budget analyst, accountant and human resources management professionals, the school has won good reputation by providing lots of qualified talents to the national economic construction, especially to the electric power industry.

  Under the new environment, based on providing talents for electric power as well as other industries, School of Economics and Management has been engaging in all kinds of educating and researches, disciplinary construction and other social services with "pursuing excellence and truth, for the people and harmonies" as its goal on a global platform. With all efforts, the School of Economics and Management of North China Electric Power University is striving to be built the first-class in the domestic and internationally renowned high level of economic and management colleges!

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