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      The Nation-level Science Park of NCEPU was prepared to establish since 2001. In January 2003, The Nation-level Science Park of NCEPU became university science park of Beijing through the appraisal by Beijing Education Committee and Beijing Science & Technology Committee. In October 2006, it was affirmed the “National University Science Park” by the Ministry of Science & Technology. The construction objective of the NCEPU Science Park is “to realize comprehensive innovation and distinguish by electric power feature”, to strive to build up the outstanding “China Electric Power Science Park”; to attach importance to the technological fruit application, talent development, scientific research and high technology industrialization, so as to contribute to the economy of the capital and national electric power industry.

       Based on the key academic subjects of national, provincial and ministerial level, key laboratories of Ministry of Education and provincial and ministerial level, the advantages in talent and resources of the innovation team of Ministry of Education, NCEPU Science Park established the platform of an industry-education innovative arrangement of academic subjects, and achieved fruitful results. It has undertaken national “863 “Plan and “973” Plan, National Natural Science Fund Program & etc., and has been awarded 8 technology progress awards of national level, 75 technology progress awards of provincial & ministerial level, and has applied 30 items of patent rights. The research fruits of mainly the national key subjects, Electric Power System & Automation related academic subjects are at domestic advanced level, and part of them has reached international advanced level. With its theory study-technology study combined, application development-industry development combined feature, the output value of the technology-intensive products due to transfer of scientific and technological achievements amounts to RMB2 billion yuan.

       Currently, there are 21 management personnel in the Science Park Company, 10 of which are with master degree, 7 of which are with bachelor degree, and 4 of which are junior college graduates. Their average age is 30. The management team is a professional technological service team with reasonable structure and dynamics.

       Based on the academic subject feature of NCEPU, there are 66 research institutes in the university technological park including Systematic Control Research Institute, Software Research Institute, Sifang Research Institute & etc., and the park has established 5 incubators, namely Electric Power Grid Technology Incubator, Electric Power Industry Simulation Technology Incubator, New Energy Source Incubator and New Material Incubator.


      NCEPU Science Parkhas attached much importance to the construction of service platform of the park since the establishment, and have set up various characterized service platforms:

      Public Experiment Support Platform

      Intermediary Service Platform

      Investment and Financing Service Platform

      Electric Technological Support Platform

      Marketing Planning Platform

      Talent Development Platform




     The construction and administration tasks of the park are currently undertaken by Beijing NCEPU Tiande Technological Park Co., Ltd. exclusively held by NCEPU.

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