Graduate Education

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Ph.D. Programs
1.Engineering Thermophysics

2.Thermal Power Engineering

3.Power Machinery and Engineering

4.Fluid Machinery and Engineering

5.Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

6.Chemical Process Machinery

7.Control Theory and Control Science

8.Electric Machine and Electric Appliance

9.Electric Power Systems and Automation

10.High Voltage and Insulation Technology

11.Power Electronics and Electric Drive

12.Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

13.Technical Economics and Management

14.Management Science and Engineering


Master’s Programs
1.Industrial Economics

2.Quantitative Economics

3.English Language and Literature

4.Applied Mathematics

5.Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

6.Mechanoelectronic Engineering

7.Mechanical Design and Theory

8.Vehicle Engineering

9.Engineering Thermophysics

10.Thermal Power Engineering

11.Power Machinery and Engineering

12.Fluid Machinery and Engineering

13.Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

14.Chemical Process Machinery

15.Electric Machine and Electric Appliance

16.Electric Power Systems and Automation

17.High Voltage and Insulation Technology

18.Power Electronics and Electric Drive

19.Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

 20.Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology

 21.Electric Circuit and Systems

 22.Communication and Information Systems

 23.Signal and Information Processing

 24.Control Theory and Control Engineering

 25.Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

 26.Systems Engineering

 27.Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

 28.Navigation, Guidance and Control

 29.Computer System Structure

 30.Computer Software and Theory

 31.Computer Application

 32.Environmental Science

 33.Environmental Engineering

 34.Management Science and Engineering


 36.Enterprise Management

 37.Technical Economics and Management

 38.Material Science

 39.Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

 40.Applied Chemistry

 41.Agricultural Electrification and Automation

 42.Theoretical Physics

 43.Litigation Laws

 44.Public Administration

 45.Hydrology and Water Resources

 46.Ideological and Political Education

Professional Degree Programs

Master’s Programs of Professional Engineering

1.Electrical Engineering

2.Power Engineering

3.Mechanical Engineering

4.Environmental Engineering

5.Control Engineering

6.Computer Technology

7.Electronic and Communication Engineering

8.Industrial Engineering

9.Project Management

Master’s Program of Business Administration
Master’s Programs for Professional College Teachers

1.Thermal Power Engineering

2.Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

3.Technical Economics and Management

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