Key Laboratories

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State Key Laboratories

1.State Key Laboratory Of Alternate Electrical Power System With Renewable Energy Sources

2.National Engineering Laboratory for Biomass Power Generation Equipment(NELB)

3.National Thermal Power Engineering & Technology Research Center


Key Laboratories under the Ministry of Education

1.Key Laboratory of Condition Monitoring and Control for Power Plant Equipment, Ministry of Education

2.Engineering Research Center of Power Saving(North China Electric Power University), Ministry of Education

Key Laboratories at the Provincial and Ministerial Level

1.High Voltage & EMC Beijing Area Major Laboratory

2.Beijing Key Laboratory of Energy Security and Clean Utilization

3.Research Center For Beijing Energy Development

4.Beijing Key Laboratory of New Technology and System on Measuring and Control for Industrial Process

5.Beijing Engineering Research Center of Electric Information Technology

6.Beijing Key Laboratory of Low-grade Energy Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

7.Key Laboratory of Regional Energy System Optimization Ministry of Education

8.Beijing Key Laboratory of Emission Surveillance and Control for Thermal Power Generation

9.Beijing Key Laboratory for Passive Safety Technology of Nuclear Energy

10.Hebei Engineering & Technology Research Center of Simulation & Optimized Control for Power Generation

11.Hebei Provincial Key Laboratory of Power Transmission Equipment Security Defense


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