NCEPU Entered the List of “Double First-Class” Project, Focusing on Constructing “Energy / Electric Science and Engineering” Discipline Clusters

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Recently, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued “List of universities and colleges granted ‘First-Class University’ and the ‘First-Class Disciplines’ and the List of ‘Distinctive Disciplines’ ” [No.2 (2017)]. It published the names of universities and colleges which are listed in the “first-class university” and “first-class discipline” program (or “double first-class” for short) as well as the list of constructing disciplines of the universities. North China Electric Power University has entered the list of the “first-class discipline” program.



In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, the university can determine its own “first-class discipline”. The selected discipline can be existing A-level discipline, inter-discipline or discipline clusters. After thorough research, NCEPU finally decided to entitle the discipline clusters of “Energy / Electric Science and Engineering” as the school’s “first-class discipline”, with the core disciplines of “Electric Engineering” and “Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics”.


As required by the state, the “double first-class” construction will be implemented by three steps. By 2020, the integral level of researching and teaching in “Energy / Electric Science and Engineering” discipline clusters will entered into the world’s advanced level. By 2030, the integral level will become top in the world’s advanced level. By 2050, NCEPU will have constructed a batch of superior discipline clusters which are sheer excellent in academic researches and can support the national major strategies, becoming a leading university in world’s energy and electric field.


The construction of discipline clusters of “Energy / Electric Science and Engineering” will focus on the following disciplines: efficient conversion of fossil energy, exploitation and utilization of new energy and nuclear energy, smart grid, transformation and transmission of power, smart energy and comprehensive energy system, energy and environmental governance, and ecological rehabilitation. The core tasks will include the cultivation of innovative talents, the support of academic leaders and innovative teams, the construction of academic platforms and centers, the heritage of great culture, the conversion of academic achievements and social services. We are aim to establish the world’s first-class “Energy / Electric Science and Engineering” discipline clusters and high-level talents training center, to provide technological and talent assistance for the sustainable development of national energy and electric causes.

                                                                           [Translator:  Lv Binxi Proof-reader: Li Xin]

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