Four NCEPU Teachers Performed Outstandingly in the 12th University Teachers’ Teaching Skill Competition

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On July 27th, the results of the 12th Beijing Universities Teachers’ Teaching Skill Competition were announced, with four teachers from NCEPU performed outstandingly. Zhai Rongrong of the School of Energy, Power and Mechanical Engineering won the first prize of Group A in the engineering category, Mu Qingxia of the School of Mathematics and Science the first prize in Group A of science, Gulimina of the School of New Energy the second prize in the Group A of engineering, and Tian Haixin of the school of Humanities and Social Science won the second prize in the Group A of liberal arts. In addition, our young teachers have also won a number of individual awards, among which Zhai Rongrong won the Most Popular Award for Students, Mu Qingxia the Best Teaching Plan Award, Gulimina the Most Popular Award for Students, and Tian Haixin the Best Teaching Plan Award and the Best Teaching Reflection Award. Four teachers, Li Ji, Wang Xiuyan, Fu Xingqiu and Dong Jin, won the Outstanding Supervisor Award in Engineering and Science respectively.


Previously, Teaching Skills Competition of Young Teachers was held by the joint efforts of the Labor Union, the Academic Affairs Office and the Personnel Office both in NCEPU Beijing and Baoding branch respectively. A team was formed to prepare for the competition and a series of training and counseling for the contestants was given, with holding meetings to share the experience of the winners from China Agricultural University, Beijing Jiaotong University and University of Science and Technology Beijing. Besides, two pre-competition training meetings were held, with experts from both NCEPU and other universities being invited to guide the contestants. Valuable comments on specific problems in the course of lectures, and treasured suggestions for improvement methods were offered wholeheartedly. In addition, teams to guide the contestants for the Teaching Competition were set up to conduct preliminary competitions and observation and learning for the participating teachers, laying a solid foundation for continuously improving the basic teaching skills of young teachers.

In this competition, more than 290 players from more than 70 universities in Beijing showed their abilities and the good results achieved by our school players in this competition fully demonstrated the good teaching style and high teaching level of our young teachers. Opportunities should be seized to continue to lead and help more young teachers to devote themselves to cultivate their morality, improve their teaching skills and their ideal of educating people, accelerate their teaching abilities and provide a more powerful guarantee for talent training.

Review: LinChangQiang

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