Daniel Kammen, a Nobel laureate and Professor at the University of California, Berkeley Visited Our School and Delivered a Special Lecture

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On October 16th, Professor Daniel Kammen, winner of the Nobel Prize from the University of California, Berkeley, visited our school at the invitation of the “Innovation and Intelligence Base for China’s Green Power Development Research” (the “111” base) under the School of Economics and Management. Bi Tianshu, a member of the Party Committee and Vice President of our school, met with the foreign guests and attended the event. The activity was attended by experts, professors, and over 400 students, including the head of the base and the deputy dean of the School of Economics and Management.


Bi Tianshu warmly welcomed the visit of Professor Daniel Kammen and his team. She pointed out that in recent years, with the support of the “111” base led by Professor Niu Dongxiao from the School of Economics and Management, personnel from both North China Electric Power University and the University of California, Berkeley Joint Laboratory have conducted a series of high-level scientific research collaborations in the field of green energy development. Bi tianshu stated that the school will leverage this event as an opportunity to deepen international cooperation, promote the development of education and scientific research, and cultivate talents in the field of energy and power.

Professor Daniel Kammen delivered a special lecture titled “Innovation in Energy Science and Policy”. The lecture closely focused on the goal of reducing carbon emissions, discussed the current international energy situation. Professor Kammen introduced energy policies and innovative achievements in the field of energy science around the world and specifically highlighted the methods used by California to achieve a balance between energy utilization and environmental protection. He proposed that, at present, renewable energy has a cost advantage over fossil fuels, thanks to small-scale energy storage and distributed renewable energy generation equipment in California.

Professor Kammen also explained cutting-edge technologies such as the new energy transformation of the automotive industry, commercial application of offshore “wind turbine”, “electricity-hydrogen coupling” and tidal energy, wind and nuclear power generation. He introduced the “SWITCH” modeling framework he proposed, analyzed the far-reaching significance of China’s promotion of global green energy, shared feasible paths for other countries to improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, and looked forward to the path for future worldwide energy transformation.

After the lecture, there was a free discussion session in which students from North China Electric Power University, Peking University and other universities as well as international students from our university, engaged in in-depth discussions with Professor Kammen on issues such as nuclear energy development, carbon taxes and carbon market mechanism, hydrogen energy development, utilization of fossil fuels and other related issues.


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