Second Meeting of NCEPU Council Grandly Held

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    On December 27th, the 2014 second Council President Conference of China Electricity Council (CEC) and the second meeting of NCEPU Council was grandly held in Beijing. Party Committee secretary Liu Zhenya, president of CEC, director-general of NCEPU Council and chairman of State Grid, presided over the meeting, and president Liu Jizhen, vice president of CEC, attended this meeting and delivered a work report of NCEPU. Participants also include the vice president Yang Yongping, Wang Zengping, assistant principle Wang Qinghua.
    President Liu Jizhen presented the 2014 fruitful achievements of NCEPU in the fields of course construction, talent cultivation, scientific research and party building, and proposed two initiatives for the next year’s work. One is to hope the Deputy Secretary play well of its role in conducting routine works of the Council, and another is to encourage the talent cultivation committee and cooperation committee of science and technology to give full play to their roles in NCEPU Council.

    Liu pointed out that the NCEPU Council was a key form for society and industries to participate in the university management, and a bridge for more understanding between college and society. Since the establishment, the NCEPU Council exerted an indispensable role and achieved notable results in supporting leapfrog development of university, driving enterprise-university cooperation, promoting collaborative innovation as well as recommending qualified and quality talents to enterprises. In the future, NCEPU, being firm in holding high the banner of the NCEPU Council, would doubly cherish the development opportunity and space given by Council and industries, and more actively facilitate the growth of industries in line with the principle of getting support by service, promoting development by contribution. He also stated that NCEPU would constantly cater to social demand, endeavor to explore and establish a more open university-running system and cooperation model, and shoulder the heavy burden of times
with higher education quality, better social services and more innovative scientific research, so as to earlier realize the NCEPU’s dream for becoming strong and successful, and make its due contribution to the development of national energy and power industries.
    Sun Yucai, party secretary of China Power Enterprises Association as well as deputy managing director of NCEPU Council, with Zhong Jun, director and general manager of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd, Wang Min, vice president of State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid), Yu Peigen, deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation, Wang Pingang, vice general manager of Shenhua Group Corporation Limited and other representatives made a profound exchanges and communications, and reached a consensus that the secret of NCEPU’s success in several years’ development laid in university-enterprise cooperation by relying on, facing to and serving for industries. They also gave their wishes to NCEPU, and hoped it can give full play of this advantage in the future, and give more support to energy and power industries in the levels of talent cultivation and scientific research with help of the platform of China Power Enterprises Association and NCEPU Council. They committed to support as always the development of NCEPU, and helped it become a renowned brand university in energy and power industries, in China and abroad.
                                                                                                        [Translator:Liu Jiao  Proof-reader:  Zheng Rongying]

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