NCEPU Graduate Commencement 2015

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On April 1 and 2, the graduate commencement and degree-awarding ceremony for graduate students of 2015 was respectively held on the Beijing Campus and Baoding Campus of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU). Among those attending the ceremony were the leaders of the university, including Wu Zhigong, Liu Jizhen, Zhang Jinhui, An Liansuo, Li Shuangchen, Yang Yongping, Sun Pingsheng, Sun Zhongquan and Wang Zengping, an alumnus named Zhang Qingjun who had been an undergraduate of 1986 and a postgraduate of 1990, majoring in communication engineering, the heads or deans of relevant administrative offices, colleges or departments, 137 doctoral graduates and 3,313 master graduates, who have successfully completed their studies. The ceremony was conducted by Yang Yongping, Vice President of NCEPU.

An Liansuo, Vice President of the university, read the decision of the University Academic Degree Committee, and an announcer read the lists of award winners for outstanding academic degree papers and outstanding graduates.

Liu Jizhen, President of the university, made a commencement speech titled To Pursue Your Dream in the Good Times. He, on behalf of the university, congratulated the graduate students on their graduation and conferment of academic degrees, and expressed his gratitude to the graduate supervisors and other faculty members for the efforts they had made in the students’ development and to the graduates’ families and friends.

As chairman of the Academic Degree Committee of NCEPU, Liu Jizhen officially conferred doctoral degrees on graduates, shook hands and posed for pictures with them. Then the master graduates stepped onto the stage to accept congratulations from the president. Leaders, teachers, students, families and friends present at the ceremony all congratulated the graduates with their warm applause.

                                                                                                                 [Translator: Qin Jiya  Proof-reader: Dai Zhongxin]

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