NCEPU Council Gives the Thumbs-up to the School Rapid Development

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On May 27, the 1st Chairman Meeting of China Electricity Council(CEC) in 2016 and the 3th Meeting of the 2nd North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) Council were held in Beijing. The meeting listened to Report on the Work of NCEPU made by Liu Jizhen, a Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of NCEPU, and the Proposal on Establishing “College-enterprise Union of Training Excellent Engineers in Electric Power Industry” and Proposal on Adjusting the Members of the 2nd NCEPU Council interpreted by Yu Chongde, a member of the Party Leadership Group, Vice Chairman and Secretary of CEC. The meeting was chaired by Liu Zhenya, Chairman of CEC, NCEPU Council and Global Energy Internet Development and Cooperation Organization. Also present are some Vice Chairmen, council members and leaders from related institutions.

In the Report on the Work of NCEPU, President Liu Jizhen points out that the work of the council has indicated that the NCEPU council has successfully initiated a new system of management and a type of school-running mode of college-enterprise cooperation with distinctive enterprise-oriented characteristics, an exemplar in the institutional innovation for all other institutions of higher learning. President Liu puts forward two suggestions on the future work of the Council. Firstly, the working mechanism of the Council should be further perfected; the internal and external development of the Council enhanced;  the institutional advantages of the council highlighted;  and a common platform formed for consultation, construction and sharing. Secondly, the Council should work towards the construction of a “Double First-rate” university and towards the establishment of world first-class system of energy and power disciplines.  The Council and the university should jointly foster industrial top-notch innovators, raise the level of the school’s scientific research and give priority to the construction of such major projects as “Collaborative Innovation Center of Smart Grid” and “Collaborative Innovation Center of Smart Power Generation”.

People present at the meeting all expressed approval of the work report and two proposals, and fully acknowledged and highly praised the university’s fast development and social reputation gained in recent years. NCEPU has made obvious achievements over the years, in producing a large number of excellent talents for the whole electric power industry, and in making significant contributions to scientific and technological innovation and social service. They are proud as a member of NCEPU and give heartfelt thumbs-up to NCEPU, to President Liu and to the University Council, they all say. They expressed their appreciation of the “Double First-rate” (first-rate disciplines and first-rate university) construction of NCEPU,  in order to provide fist-class innovators and first-class scientific and technological innovation for the electric power industry. As employers of the university graduates, they assure the university that they will continue to support all the works of the university, ready to play a part in NCEPU “Double First-rate” construction, hoping that NCEPU will continue to rely on the electric power industry and develop with its industrial characteristics.


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