NCEPU holding the Graduate Commencement and Degree-awarding Ceremony for 2019 graduates

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On June 27th and 28th, the commencement and degree-awarding ceremony for 2019 graduates was respectively held in Beijing main Campus and Baoding Campus of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) to bid farewell to 535 undergraduates, 535 master and 182 doctoral students who graduate in summer.


Those who have attended the ceremony include leaders of NCEPU, Zhou Jian,Yang Yongping, Li Shuangchen, Hao Yingjie, Sun Zhongquan, Wang Zengping, Lv Fangcheng, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the Headers of the related Departments and Schools, as well as all the graduates of 2019.


In Beijing Campus, the staff read The Decision on the Recognition of Graduates from Grass-roots Work in Xinjiang and Tibet, The Decision on the Recognition of 2019 Graduates to the Grass-roots Work, the Decision on the Commendation of 2019 Beijing Outstanding Graduates, The Decision on Granting Gao Xiaowen and Other 514 Students the Title of "2019 School Outstanding Graduates", and the Decision on Granting Zhang Heng and Other 19 Graduates the Title of “2019 School Outstanding Postgraduates in Summer".


In Baoding Campus, Guo Xiaofeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, read the Notification on Granting Cai Guangzhen and Other 125 Students the Title of "2019 Outstanding Graduates in Hebei General Colleges"and the Decision on the Recognition of Graduates' Volunteer Service in the Western Regions.

The honored guest teachers on the stage presented certificates and diplomas to the representatives of the award-winning students.


President Yang Yongping pointed out, in his speech entitled "Integrating the Concept of Responsibility into the Life", that during the school study period, students struggled to annotate themselves and lay a foundation for future success. They wrote countless vigorous youth stories and bloomed a splendid and colorful atmosphere on the road of pursuing dreams, building dreams and realizing dreams, which made Huadian, this big family, full of vitality and warmth. Our university always remembered the good times that we have spent, and expected to continue your ambitions and make greater achievements in the future.


In "the last class" of the 2019 graduates, Yang Yongping exchanged with them the theme of "responsibility" and put forward his earnest wishes.

Subsequently, the degree-awarding ceremony of 2019 graduates was held solemnly. The ceremony was presided over by the Vice-Chairman and Vice-President of the Academic Degree Assessment Committee, Lv Shuangcheng.


Wang Zengping, Vice Chairman and Vice President of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the University, read the Decision on Granting Degrees to 2019 Graduates of NCEPU. The Decision confers 156 students with PhD. in engineering, 26 students with PhD. in management, 876 students with Master's degree, 29 international students with bachelor's degree, 119 students with bachelor's degree in law, 106 students with bachelor's degree in economics, 149 students with bachelor's degree in literature, 170 students with bachelor's degree in science and 4001 students with Bachelor's Degree in engineering, 553 students with Bachelor's Degree in Management, and 44 students with Bachelor's Degree in Art.


Yang Yongping, president and chairman of the Academic Degree Assessment Committee of the University, conferred degrees one by one for the 2019 graduates and posed for photos with them.



                                                                                                                     Translator: Cheng Jingjing

                                                                                                                     Proof-reader: Huang Fuwei


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