Opening of the Second Session of NCEPU’s the Seventh Teachers’ Congress

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On May 14, the second session of NCEPU’s the Seventh Teachers’ Congress was opened. The university leaders attended at the opening ceremony, including Zhou Jian, Yang Yongping, He Hua, Li Shuangchen, Hao Yingjie, Sun Zhongquan, Wang zengping, Guo Xiaofeng, lv Fangcheng and Bi Tianshu. They were going to discuss the development strategies of the university with 288 official delegates and 22 nonvoting delegates during the meeting. To coordinate the epidemic prevention and control of COVID-19 and socio-economic development, the congress was held in the form of radiosynchronous broadcasting in Beijing main campus and Baoding branch campus. The opening ceremony was presided over by deputy party secretary Li Shuangchen.


The university president Yang Yongping made a work report of the university titled The Innovation of Institutional System, the Improvement of Governance Capacity, and the Advancement of Breakthroughs in High-quality Connotative Development. He comprehensively reviewed the main achievement of the university in 2019 from eight aspects: the progress in “Double Tops” construction , the steady promotion of talent training quality, the continuous improvement in the level of scientific research, the improvement of the teachers’ level, the new steps in international cooperation, the further improvement in the level of university governance, the continuous improvement in the guarantee of university running conditions, and the new level of ideological and political work of the Party.


The university priority in 2020 was specified in the University Work Report: adhering to the overall leadership of the Party in the university work; promoting the “Double Tops” construction with high quality; focusing on improving the quality of talent training; vigorously enhancing the scientific and technical innovative ability;  accelerating the construction of high-level talent team; further consolidating the system foundation of high-level university; continuously promoting the opening up and cooperation; effectively improving the level of condition guarantee.


In the University Work Report, the university president called upon that all faculties of NCEPU took the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a guideline and remained true to the original aspiration and kept the mission firmly in mind. We should seize every minute and opportunity, work hard and better, stride forward a better future, and fully create a new situation in constructing a high-level research-oriented university with distinctive characteristics.


The delegates also listened to the annual financial report of the university. During the congress, the delegates will finish reviewing the work report and the annual financial report of the university, the proposal report and the work report of the teachers’ congress, and the annual work report of the academic committee.

Translated by Zhao Chuchu

Proof-reader: Zhao Yushan

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