Commencement 2017 for Graduate Students Held in NCEPU

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North China Electric Power University held commencement and degree awarding ceremony for graduate students in Beijing and Baoding campus on 30th March and 31st March respectively.

University leaders, relevant functional departments, deans of schools, 143 PhD students as well as 3,507 graduate students attended the degree awarding ceremony which was hosted by Vice President Lyu Fangcheng, vice chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of NCEPU.

Vice President Wang Zengping who is also the vice chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of NCEPU announced the resolution for degree awarding by the committee. Then the staff announced the winners of excellent dissertation and outstanding graduate student.

University leaders presented the awards to the winners and diplomas to the representatives of the graduate students.

Yang Yongping, president of NCEPU and chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, gave a speech titled Cherish the Youth and Contribute To Society At Full Stretch expressing congratulations to all the graduate students and gratitude to their teachers, families and friends who made contributions to their growth and success. President Yang pointed out that after the graduation, graduates would leave the campus and step into the society with knowledge and gains they obtained in the university. They would go to all parts of the country and even all parts of the world to start a new journey of life. They would be no longer the students but the alumnus of NCEPU, and they would finish their university learning career and become employees to start their working career. All these changes would offer them new life experiences in which there would be more fascinating stories and opportunities. However, the graduates also would confront many challenges and hardships which are much more arduous and complicated, which would cultivate and enhance them during their new journey to the society.

President Yang Yongping conferred degrees to every PhD student and graduate student and took photos with them.

                                                                                          [Translator:  Wang Rujia Proof-reader: Wu Jiaping]

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