NCEPU's Delegation Visited Education Partners in Kazakhstan, Russia and UK

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Vice-president Wang Zengping and other four leaders paid a visit to Kazakh National Technical University, National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester and University of Bath during May 24 to June 2.

Deeper cooperation is the theme of this visit, which accords to diplomatic strategies of and cooperation in energy and power in all those countries. Meanwhile, it also promotes development of all these universities. Discussions have been held about joint cultivation of undergraduates, graduates and young teachers as well as joint research in field of energy and power. The delegation has also conducted negotiations with those universities on several issues such as 2+2 cultivation mode, scope of majors, curriculum arrangement, medium of instruction, learning mode and tuition. Students from those universities participated in the discussions. 

This visit is successful and fruitful. First, to response to the Belt and the Road Initiative, we set up a comprehensive cooperative relationship with Kazakh National Technical University through joint cultivation of undergraduates. This effort can help Tajikistan cultivate outstanding personnel in energy and power, so as to provide strong support to our cooperation. Second, we have implemented the cooperation program initiated by Shanghai Cooperation Organization and made an agreement on joint cultivation of undergraduates, graduates and doctors with National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute. We aim to training those who have good command of both professional knowledge and Russian, so that they can better promote China's strategy of being closely connected to the world. Third, our cooperation with those three British universities is deepened. We expand the coverage of majors and cooperation, and made breakthroughs in terms of joint cultivation of undergraduates, graduates, exchange and communication as well as joint research. 

This visit promotes the cooperation between NCEPU and universities of Belt and Road countries, making NCEPU closely connected with international education.

                                                                                   [Translator:  Ding Yiqing Proof-reader: Wu Jiaping]


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