Opening ceremony for 2017 Tanzania power system operation and management training classes

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Sponsored by the State Ministry of Commerce and organized by NCEPU, the opening ceremony for 2017 Tanzania power system operation and management training classes was successfully held in Baoding campus on September 9th. The training classes will last for three weeks.12 Tanzania colleagues, vice president Lyu Fangcheng, responsible persons of International Cooperation Department and Economics and Management School, as well as teacher representatives attended the ceremony.



“This training class is a happy event for China and Tanzania to strengthen their friendship, and it also provides a great opportunity to exchange electric technology with Tanzania colleagues and improve scientific and technological level,” Lyu Fangcheng pointed out in his speech. In order to deepen their knowledge about the current situation and technical characteristics of China's electric power industry, this training class will introduce economic operation and management knowledge of power enterprises and China's achievements in the field of new energy power generation by focusing on the theoretical study and practice of power system operation and management.



Kitoga John Francis, a trainee representative, expressed his sincere thanks to Ministry of Commerce of PRC, Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office, Department of Commerce of Hebei Province and North China Electric Power University for offering this training opportunity. He also pointed out that since electric power is a major concern in Tanzania, it is very important for them to make full use of this training opportunity to communicate with Chinese experts and scholars, so that they can learn China’s advanced power technology and make contributions to the electric power industry of Tanzania.

                                                                                                                           [Translator:  Yang Peipei Proof-reader: Li Lijun]

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