NCEPU Celebrates Its 59th Anniversary and Holds the One-year Countdown Ceremony for 60th Anniversary

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On 28th October, North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) celebrated the 59th anniversary and held the one-year countdown ceremony for 60th anniversary on both Beijing and Baoding campuses, in the form of video interactive communication.



There were totaled 2300 participants who attended the ceremony, including all university leaders, all members of the 60th Anniversary Preparatory Committee of the university, members from the first and the second Councils of the Alumni Association, representatives from local Branch Alumni Associations, representative alumni who will participate in the activities of Homecoming Day, as well as party secretaries of the university, deans and directors of each school, directors of each functional department, and representative teachers and students from two campuses. The ceremony was held by Hao Yingjie, the vice president of the university.



After playing and singing the national anthem, Du Yuting, an alumnus from department of mechanics, announced North China Electric Power University 60th Anniversary Celebration Notice (No.1): We are sincerely welcoming alumni and friends from every corner of the world, from all walks of life, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of NCEPU.



Accompanied with the counting down, Zhou Jian, the party secretary of the university and the director of the 60th Anniversary Preparatory Committee, Yang Yongping, the president of the university, alumni representatives Shi Yubo, Zhang Chengjie and Zhang Kerang, and Gu Yu, the chairman of the Student Union joined together, pressing the one-year countdown button for the 60th anniversary of North China Electric Power University.


Zhou Jian issued the Donation Certificates to the companies that were the first batch of companies to give the donation to the university. Beijing Join Bright Digital Power Technology Co., Ltd., Sifang Electric (Group) Company Limited, Nanjing NR Electric Co., Ltd. and CPCEP give total donation of Renminbi 4.7 million Yuan to NCEPU.



Yang Yongping, the president of the university and the director of the 60th Anniversary Preparatory Committee, pointed out that the upcoming of the 60th anniversary of founding NCEPU would be a grand historical event with great importance in terms of development process, as well as a new limestone in the new era. The ceremony of 60th anniversary would be a vital embodiment for all NCEPU alumni, faculties and students to review the history of university, love the university and be proud of the university. It would be an essential platform for leaders of the university to summarize the running experiences, display the running achievements and improve the running levels. It would also be an important opportunity to unite people, inspire commitment and accelerate the development and construction of the university. The launching ceremony of the one-year countdown for the 60th anniversary embodies that all kinds of preparation have entered into the process of entire implementation and substantial advancement. It is necessary to build the 60th anniversary into a “cultural project” that promotes NCEPU spirit, a “well-known project” that elaborates the characteristics of NCEPU, and a “grand project” that advances the development of NCEPU.


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