Party Secretary Zhou Jian participated in the "Reading China by Ink Painting" Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition and other activities held by Western Kentucky Confucius Institute, USA

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On April 17th, US local time, the second “Reading China by Ink Painting” Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition organized by the Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky University, USA, and the “UN Chinese Day” series events were held at the Research and Development Center of the southern campus of Western Kentucky University. Zhou Jian, Party Secretary of North China Electric Power University, and Timothy C. Caboni, President of Western Kentucky University, attended the event and delivered speeches.



Zhou Jian highly praised the outstanding organization and preparation of Western Kentucky University and Confucius Institute for this event. She pointed out that the exhibitions had provided a good example for the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and the United States and Chinese calligraphy and painting going to the world. She believed that Western Kentucky Confucius Institute, as the global model Confucius Institute, had achieved considerable progress and development, and had played a vanguard role in the dissemination of Chinese language and culture under the joint support of the NECPU and the WKU. 



Along with the exhibition, the “UN Chinese Day” series event was also launched, which is a celebration of Chinese language usage set by the UN and held every April 20th. The second "Reading China by Ink Painting" Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition and the "United Nations Chinese Day" series celebrations will last for one month and it is expected to attract more than 3,000 students and citizens to visit.



During her visit to the US, Zhou Jian visited the laboratory of the Prof. Pan Weiping, who is the scholar of national "One Thousand Talents Program" introduced by NCEPU and the Dean of the Western Kentucky Confucius Institute, the Gayton College of WKU, and St. Francis Confucius Classroom. She also participated in the meeting of the Western Kentucky Confucius Institute Council and conducted an in-depth discussion with the council members on the development of the Confucius Institute, teacher-student communication, and other issues. She stated that the NCEPU would continue to support the development of the Western Kentucky Confucius Institute and invited President Timothy C. Caboni came to China in October to attend the 60th anniversary of NCEPU. Timothy C. Caboni was very pleased and accepted the invitation. He spoke highly of the work of the Western Kentucky Confucius Institute and praised the opportunity and benefits brought by the Confucius Institute for the people of two countries.



    [Translator:  Wang Rujia Proof-reader: Wu Jiaping]

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