The “Engineering” discipline of NCEPU entered global top 1‰

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The “Engineering” discipline of NCEPU, for the first time, has entered the ESI global top 1‰ according to the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) statistics released on May 11, 2018 by Clarivate Analytics, which symbolizes that the “Engineering” discipline of NCEPU has a high academic level and influence in the world.



In recent years, during the process of building first-class disciplines, NCEPU has established a series of disciplines on the basis of “Energy and Power Science Engineering” under the framework of building the “Electric Power” discipline system and serving the national energy and power development strategy and has promoted the academic level of the “Engineering” discipline.





In terms of Engineering, there are 1,324 institutions entered the global top 1% in May. According to statistics of Top papers, NCEPU was tied for the 92nd in the world, and entered the global top 100; as for the number of essays issued, the university ranked the 102nd in the world, very close to enter the global top 100; according to the statistics of citation frequency, NCEPU ranked the 122nd in the world and entered the global top 1‰ for the first time. Besides the Engineering, the Environment/Ecology of NCEPU also entered the global top 1% in September 2017, and has been steadily improving together with the integral level of the university.



The Engineering discipline entering the global top 1‰ of ESI means that NCEPU has achieved a breakthrough in building first-class disciplines, and will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the future development of the university and its “Double-First Class” construction and help build NCEPU into a high-level research university.


    [Translator:  Wang Rujia Proof-reader: Wu Jiaping]


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