First State Energy and Transport Integrated Development Research Institute in China Established in NCEPU

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How can new energy promote transport development? How will future demand of transport lead the evolution of energy structure and pattern? How will integration and common development of these two major technological and industrial fields affect society and economy? To cope with these significant scientific and technological challenges, the first State Energy and Transport Integrated Development Research Institute in China has been established on June 9th in North China Electric Power University. Nearly 20 experts and academicians from home and abroad compose advisory committee of this institute. They will offer strategy advisory regarding focus of institute operation and guarantee measures.



This institute is committed to promoting the integrated development of energy and transport, which are two strategic, fundamental areas in economy, technology and industry fields. It will build platforms for policy and decision support, technological innovation and industrial development plan as well as communication and sharing. It will also tackle the barriers to energy and transport reform.



Research of this institute will focus on traffic-specific energy systems (traffic power network systems, traffic and energy conversion systems, etc.), energy-driven new traffic systems (new energy vehicles, intelligent road systems, traffic environment protection systems), and transportation-led new energy systems (distributed traffic energy systems, energy-based traffic assets, new types of energy storage and energy conversion systems), co-evolution of energy and traffic (traffic and energy integration systems, transport energy Internet).



  [Translator:  Ding Yiqing Proof-reader: Wu Jiaping]


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