A heated Discussion over “Xi Replies to Letter from Pakistani Students Studying at USTB” by the International Students in NCEPU

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On May 17th, Chinese President Xi Jinping extended welcome to excellent youth from all countries in the world to study in China in his Sunday reply to a letter from all Pakistani students studying in the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB). In his letter, Xi encouraged the students to communicate more with their Chinese peers and join hands with youth from all countries to contribute to promoting people-to-people connectivity and building a community with a shared future for humanity. Xi’s letter aroused a strong response among international students in NCEPU that many of them reshared and commented in WeChat groups and offered their congratulations.


On May 18th, the International Education Institute of NCEPU organized in-campus international students to hold symposium on Xi’s reply letter and the spirit of the letter. At the symposium, all the participants learned the reply letter, gave a heated discussion and expressed their own views. Asad, a postgraduate students from Pakistan in Grade 2017, said, “I feel so excited after reading Xi’s reply letter to international students from our country. The unbreakable iron friendship between China and Pakistan has always accompanied my growth, and my father often tells me some stories between China and Pakistan. I have enormous yearning for China. In 2017, I finally came to China as I wish––I study in North China Electric Power University. During the outbreak, the Chinese government and NCEPU have always cared for the lives and health of foreign students studying in China, providing all-round help for us. I believe China will become more prosperous and the friendship between the Chinese and Pakistan will last forever.


Since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, NCEPU has always attached great significance to the epidemic prevention and control and daily life and learning status of the international students studying in China. NCEPU strictly implemented campus-closed-policy to guarantee campus security; It adopted grid management and responsibility system by group leader to learn the health condition and daily needs of international students; to give masks to every international student every week; to open the outdoor market at noon every Tuesday to ensure the material support of their daily life. During the epidemic period, a few of in-campus international students had different degrees of physical discomfort and psychological anxiety. NCEPU gave timely care and attention in helping 4 students for medical treatment, thanks to which, they came right through. In addition, it adhered to strengthening the management of international students, and started the system of Extraordinary Time head teacher system, dividing all international students into 13 classes where each head teacher was responsible for 40 to 60 students and actively contacted them and reported their health status every day.

Translated by Zan Chen

Proof-reader: Lyu Liangqiu

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