Pro. Xu Jinliang of NCEPU was Selected into 2013 National Talents Project

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        Recently, the Ministry of Education released the list of 2013 National Talents Project. Pro. Xu Jinliang was chosen and awarded the title of National Expert with Remarkable Contributions.

        Co-organized by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS), Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), Ministry of Education and other ministries and commissions, the National Talents Project aims at strengthening high-level professional and technical talents construction, accelerating the program of training and cultivating young academic and technician leaders. A total of 88 persons were selected into 2013 National Talents Project.

        Pro. Xu and his team mainly focus on energy saving of large thermal power generating set, renewable energy thermal physics, advanced nuclear energy system thermal physics, scale-flow and heat-transfer of micro-nano and other research directions. Selected into the Hundred Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2002 and awarded by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (NSFDYS) in 2008, Pro. Xu served as the chief scientist of national key research development 973 program, “Basic Research of Deeply Using Boiler Low Temperature, Flue Gas and Waste Heat” from Jan. 2011. His innovative achievements included gas-water two-phase flow acoustic velocity model under the condition of pressurized water reactor discharging, micro-nano scale’s absoluteness and relativity under boundary conditions, seed bubble heat transfer theory and technology, flow pattern synergy theory and technology in low-grade energy capture and relay and others. His work in supercritical unit hydrodynamics and multi-phase flow and heat transfer under the condition of large pressurized water reactor accident, won him National Science and Technology Progress Awards and MOE Technological Progress Awards. For the outstanding work in micro-nano scale multi-phase flow and heat transfer, Pro. Xu was awarded the First Prize of MOE Science and Technology.

        Pro. Xu led the team to undertake MOST 973 Plan, National Natural Science Foundation, Key International Cooperation Project, S&T Planning Project in Beijing and other projects. He published 2 English works and published over 100 papers on international famous journals. His papers was cited over 1,000 times in SCI, and the most frequently cited paper was cited over 200 times. He got 13 national patents and applied 1 international patent (in the process of PCT). He not only is good at refining scientific problems in engineering practice and applying scientific theories to solve bottleneck problems of engineering technology, but also focuses on the original innovations of theories, linking theories with practices and experimentalstudies. Furthermore, he cultivates innovative talents actively, promotes laboratory construction and expands international vision of the team.

       Cui Xiang, Tian De, Liu Jizhen, Liu Zongde, Li Chengrong, Niu Dongxiao and Yang Yongping of NCEPU were selected into National Talents after its implement in Jul. 1994, and Xu Jinliang was the eighth person.


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