Business Administration School Published Its First National Academic Monograph

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In January 2009, the book Theory and Application of the Characteristics of Maneuverable Timing in Network Plan and Management compiled by professor Qi Jianxun and his colleges from the Business Administration School of NCEPU was published by the Science Press. Having got the subsidy of "National Fund for Publication of Academic Works in Science and Technology", this monograph ranked first among more than 40 books whose authors applied for this subsidy and won the highest praise from experts.

    In the preface written by Professor Wang Zhongtuo, China´s firstManagement academician he considered this book "has achieved much in originality so that China’s research and application of network plan and managent takes a unique place in the world, and it is so far the first book to explore the properties of maneuverable timing and fill the gaps in related research" Professor Hu Yunquan, a well-known expert in operational researchm considered the book "an original research result that ranks among the best in the world." Cai Chen, student of Hua Luogeng (founder of the Systematical Method), chief editor of Chinese Management Science, and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, commented that "Qi Jianxun elaborated his original research achievements on the characteristics of maneuverable timing in the book of international level that fills in research gaps in this field." Having read this book, Fang Shucheng (the academician of American Academy of Industrial Engineering and head of Tsinghua University Lecturer) immediately recommended Qi Jianxun to deliver a special report at the "1st International Conference on Project Management and Overall Optimization".    


    Success hosting of two international conferences and this newly published national monograph proved that the Business Administration School is marching steadily toward a school of international level.

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