President of Hallym University Visited North China Electric Power University

Publishing time:2009-03-12    Viewer:

President Qin Chenggao of Hallym University in Korea, accompanied by Bai Jingyuan (Director of Project Department) and Zheng Daixi (Director of International Affairs Department), visited North China Electric Power University from January 8th to January 10th.


    President Liu Jizhen met the delegation on January 9. He extended his warm welcome to the guests and gave an introduction about NCEPU. President Qin expressed his thanks to the warm reception, his honor to establish fraternal relationship with such a great university, and his expectation of cooperation. He said that, with the growing influence of China on the world, more Korean were interested in China and Chinese language, so they planned to set a Chinese school in Hallym University and hoped to gain experience in running a school from NCEPU. Together with President Liu were Director Liu Yongqian and Deputy Director Xu Lingling of the International Cooperation Department.


    The delegation made a guest tour around the campus, including the laboratories in the afternoon. In the evening, they attended the 2009 New Year Concert at the invitation from President Liu. "This is an unforgettably nice trip", said the delegation.

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