The 4th Annual Academic Conference for Young Scientists of Chinese Society for Power Engineering Held in NCEPU

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The 4th Annual Academic Conference for Young Scientists of Chinese Society for Power Engineering was held in NCEPU from January 10th to 11th. The board chairperson Jiang Yiren and general secretary Yan Hongqiang of Chinese Society for Power Engineering, and Vice Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee Du Zhaohui delivered important speeches at the conference. On behalf of the organizers, An Liansuo, Vice President of NCEPU made an important speech. Vice President Yang Yongping, young academic representative of Chinese Society for Power Engineering also gave an academic report and the summary of the conference.


    Chairman Jiang Yiren said in his speech that it is a glorious but arduous task to achieve sound development in the field of energy power engineering and thus contribute to the construction of a resource-conservation society as economy rapidly grows. Energy is a necessity for the development of the society, which glorifies those who work in the energy and equipment industry. He hoped that the Society for Power Engineering and the Young Scientists Conference work closely, enhance academic communication and cooperation, and make rigorous contribution to the development in power engineering, energy and economy.


    Secretary-General Yan Hongqiang expressed his congratulations on this conference. In his speech, he considered that the Young Scientists Conference aims at providing a platform for young scientists to exchange academic views on power engineering and relevant subjects as well as to display their research achievements, which promotes mutual understanding of the scientists and standing-out of excellent young scientists in power engineering. Chinese Society for Power Engineering has always attached great importance to the development of young scienists by creating favorable conditions to facilitate such a successful Young Scientists Conference. With further improvement from the last three meetings and more young talents emerging in this field, the 4th Young Scientists Conference marks a feast for the Chinese Society for Power Engineering and the entire power engineering industry.


    Energy has become an issue that affcets national security, when China’s power engineering is at rapid development. In his speech this morning, Director Zhang Guobao of National Energy Bureau mentioned bottlenecks in the current development of power engineering, hoping that the young scientists could speak out freely in this conference and come up with ideas that help solve these problems, said Secretary-General Yan Hongqiang.


    Vice Chairman Du Zhaohui mentioned that, an old science as power engineering is, there is still much room for exploration in this field. The rapid development of power engineering provides sound develpment space and platform for the construction of an innovative country by energy conservation and emission reduction. This conference is a platform for both communication between scientists and the industry-academy-research cooperation. He hoped that the attendants could make friends with each other in academic communication.


    Vice President An Liansuo made an importan speech on behalf of the organizer. He confirmed that the Chinese Society for Power Engineering has contributed a lot to the cultivation of young scientists. With attention from different circles, the last three conferences that offered opportunities for academic communication between young scientists were highly valued by the leaders of the power engineering society. As creativity is the soul of a nation and an inexhaustible source for prosperity and that a nation without creativity could hardly survive as an advanced nation in the world, young scientists should shoulder the responsibility to build an innovative country.


    The construction of an innovative country depends on the industrious and innovative work of young scientists who constitute the main innovative force in power engineering. Lots of problems  need to be solved, which stages opportunities for young scientists to strengthen the country with science and technology. Creativity is the most valuable character of the youth, thus it is of great importance to cultivate such spirit and ability among them so as to rejuvenate China through science and education. With such a conference serving as a bridge and platform for communication, young scientists could learn from each other, widen their horizon and come up with new ideas. At this conference, the innovative science works of young were exhibited to stimulate them to shoulder major responsibility and live up to the expectation of their predecessors. We should take this conference as a chance for learning, pioneering and innovation so as to spread the spirit of independent innovation, cultivate innovative talents, enhance people’s science awareness and moral sentiment, and make due contribution to scientific innovation and sound development of the society.


    Professor Yang Yongping, Academician Ni Weidou, Professor Luo Zhongyang and Academician Huang Qili made excellent academic reports on the technological problems to be solved in energy-saving theory and technology of large coal-fired power generators,, broad energy saving, biomass energy and renewable energy development respectively.


   The conference was closed in the afternoon, January 11.


    Chairman of the organizing committee and Vice President of NCEPU Yang Yongping made a summary for the conference. He reported that all the planned agenda were accomplished in the two days’ meeting, such as activities of the 5th representative assembly of Chinese Society for Power Engineering, report delivering on current energy situation by Director Zhang Guobao of National Energy Bureau and other experts and scholars. In lively group discussions,31 papers among more thn 80 papers contributed were valued as distinguished papers. In the communication of advanced academic thoughts, young scientists covered both traditional and the lastest issues (such as new energy). The papers submitted tn the conference, written by scholars, graduates and technicians, are of higher value because of the well integration of practice into theory. The participants benefited a lot from this conference. He hoped that young scientists would continue learning and cooperating with each other to make new achievements in power engineering.

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