North China Electric Power University and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

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On the morning of October 24, our school and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Hohhot. Lian Ji, Vice-president of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People´s Government and Wu Zhigong, party secretary of North China Electric Power University attended the signing ceremony. Sun Huimin, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People´s Government deputy general secretary and Wu Zhigong, North China Electric Power University party secretary signed in the framework agreement. The signing ceremony was presided over by Li Dongsheng, head of department of education of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This is the second strategic cooperation agreement our university has signed with the provincial people´s government, following that with Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.




    The Strategic framework agreement is an important decision for the implementation of prospering the country through science and education strategy and promoting cooperation between universities and provinces or regions. Under the spirit of "sincere cooperation, bilateral complementation, mutual benefit and equal priority, merit-based support and common development", the two sides will carry out multi-form and multi-level exchanges and cooperation and make great efforts to cultivate the power elites of technical innovation and enhance the capability of independent innovation. On the basis of the resource transition strategy of autonomous regions, we should use high-tech to improve the power industry, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote a new type of industrialization and continue to improve cooperation mechanisms and security measurement so as to provide technical support for the power industry and the development of the manufacturing sector in autonomous regions. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out multi-directional cooperation such as professional training, strategic consulting and research cooperation, etc.


    In his speech, Vice President Lian Ji said that as an 211 national key universities in China featuring in energy power, North China Electric Power University has obvious advantages and strength in personnel training, scientific research and so on. NCEPU has made great contribution in social and economic development, which has benefited Inner Mongolia autonomous region a lot.

     Vice-President Lian Ji argued that Inner Mongolia´s economy has been developing rapidly in recent years. Industry plays a main role in the development. The main part of industry is energy sources and the main part of energy is power. Power plays irreplaceable part but there are still a lot of constraints which do not meet its development needs, among which the core is the lack of qualified personnel, including technical personnel and scientific research personnel, management personnel and so on.
     Vice-President Lian stated that, the strategic framework agreement between North China Electric Power University and the autonomous regions marks a new stage between school and province or region cooperation. Autonomous regions and the school counterparts should set up working mechanisms and Group to implement practical cooperation. The cooperation can not be a mere formality, on the contrary, it should further expand the fields to carry out all-round cooperation, give full play to the strengths of their respective school district to achieve win-win goals. Besides, we should achieve new breakthroughs on key cooperation, such as the use of high-level research projects in the western-led high-level personnel training, providing useful macroeconomic recommendations to help local governments in industrial development, manufacturing infrastructure and institution-building, etc.
     The party secretary Wu Zhigong expressed his thanks to the support of Autonomous Region and gave a brief introduction of the school. Over the years, the school has been putting the political-school co-operation, school-enterprise cooperation an important development strategy and formed the "prosperity through cooperation" way of developing. Our university has formed strategic alliances with the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People´s Government, Baoding in Hebei province, Changping District in Beijing, China Shenhua, the North China Power Grid and other institutions and enterprises to realize technology innovation and cooperation and played an important role in major national construction projects such as energy saving in emission reduction, West-East electricity transmission project, extra-high voltage (ehv) construction etc.   

    Wu said that Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region spans over the Northeast and Northwest of china and that it is China´s "bridgehead" of opening to the north, an important industry base of the country’s energy, agricultural and livestock processing and heavy chemical in the implementation of the development of the western region and revitalizing the northeast old industrial Base strategy. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is vast in territory and abundant in resources. Coal, electricity, natural gas and new energy are the most prominent natural resources. North China Electric Power University is willing to stick to the spirit of "sincere cooperation, bilateral complementation, mutual benefit and common development", give full play to the talents of our university, scientific and technological advantages, and provide technical support and human resources in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in personnel training, especially in high-minority personnel training, research co-operation in areas such as multi-form and multi-level exchanges and cooperation, in order to promote the rapid development of related industries.

   Wu said that we have achieved very good co-operation results in the past exchanges and cooperation. Today, the agreement signed by the two sides sets up a common development platform for strategic cooperation. The two sides will further combine the sustained and healthy development and speed up the pace of joint development!

    After the signing ceremony, both parties had a friendly and in-depth exchange on the specific content of cooperation, modalities, mechanisms, etc.

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