Chinese Performance Held in Confucius Institute at Suez Canal University

Publishing time:2008-12-30    Viewer:

The Confucius Institute at Suez Canal University which was jointly constructed by Suez Canal University and North China Electric Power University co-hosted a Chinese Performance Party in the newly decorated auditorium of the Suez Canal University with the department of Chinese language and literature.


    The initial documentary recalling Sino-Egypt friendship moved all the audience into tears. Then Egyptian students presented the party with excellent Chinese performance. A Chienese(of SHE) full of complex tongue twister song by Ting Ting(hoda alaa elden),Sa Ba(sabaa ali eltayb)and A De(ahmed salah) struck the whole hall with amazement. The crosstalk Interruption given by A Yi and a Chinese teacher tickled the audience from time to time. By singing Liu Huan’s Time and Time again and Song of Great Man, Student A Hu won thunderous applause. You Are My Rose, a Chinese pop song by Wu Yanjun, Dean of the Confucius Institute, Beautiful Girls, a Xinjiang folk by Li Xiaodong, deputy director of the department of Chinese Language and Literature and other programs co-performed by Chinese teachers and Egyptian students brought the party to its prime.


    Ali el-zaya, vice President of the Suez Canal University attended and addressed the party. He highly valued the Chinese Teaching work of the Confucius Institute and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Presented were also Chinese teachers and overseas students, Egyptian teacher representatives and students from various departments of the university.

    The party gave a full display of the achievement made by the Confucius Institute in promoting Chinese language and culture. It also reflected the loveliness and versatility of the Egyptian students, thus further enhanced the friendship between Chinese and Egyptian people.

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