The 15th Session of Symposium on Electronic Circuits of North China Held Successfully in NCEPU

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(News From Baoding Campus) On 20th and 21st of December, the 15th Session of Symposium on Electronic Circuits of North China, was held in NCEPU. Prof. An Liansuo (Vice President of NCEPU) and Zhang Xiaolin, professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Deputy Director of Electronic and Electrical Basic Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education delivered speeches respectively. Over 100 representatives from about 30 higher-level colleges, 5 presses and certain enterpreises, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Union University , China University of Petroleum , Beijing Information and Science University, Armored Engineering Institute, Beijing Information and Technology College, Communication University of China, North China Electric Power University, Tianjin University, Military Transportation College, Wenzhou University, Hebei University, Shijiazhuang College, Hebei University of Science and Technology, Higher Education Press, China Electric Power Press, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Mechanical Industry Press, Chemical Industry Press, attended the conference, which was presided over by Prof. Xie Zhiyuan and Prof. Shang Qiufeng of NCEPU.


    At the beginning, Vice President An Liansuo made a detailed introduction of NCEPU and the orientation of electronic signals in recent years. Subsequently, Prof. Zhang Xiaolin made special reports on the basic teaching requirements of electronic circuits, Prof. Li Zheying on the basic teaching requirements of digital circuits and logical programming, Prof. Luo Weixiong on the basic teaching requirements of communication electronic circuit, Prof. Chen Houjin on curricula system and teaching methods of signal processing, and Prof. Hu Weiwei on the tentative study on the reform of curricula system of information science and technology in research universities. The representatives had a heated discussion on the special reports, the fundamental teaching requirements of electronic circuit course, laboratory construction, reform of education system and so on. Following the schedule of the conference, the representatives visited the Simulation and Control Center, Electrical and Electronic Experiment Center and Engineering Training Center of NCEPU. They spoke highly of the construction of practice teaching platform and the cultivation of creative talents of NCEPU. What’s more, they expressed absolute affirmation of the talents-cultivation mode of “stress on practice and ability of NCEPU” and they thought that the achievements made by NCEPU in the teaching reform on the theory and practice of electronic technology course provided sound consultation for the teaching reform of other relevant courses.


    Professor Li Zheying of Beijing Union University, Professor Luo Weixiong, professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Hou Jianjun of Beijing Jiaotong University, and Professor Hu Weiwei of Peking University, acted as the hosts in the group discussions respectively. The representatives made speeches, offered their suggestions and put forward invaluable advice on the future symposium on teaching of North China. They also decided to hold another symposium on electronic circuits of North China during the early of August, 2009, with discussion on teaching of electronic circuit course as the theme.

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